A Miscellany of Projects

I think I’ve mentioned that while I have not been the most faithful at blogging, I have done an okay job at taking pictures of various projects that I have worked on. However, as I was going through pictures, none of them seemed to quite merit their own blog post. Which brings us to our title: a miscellany of projects. It’s a real word, look it up. (I did..) I almost went with a GOULASH of projects, but I reeeally don’t like goulash, so here we are.

First, let’s take a journey to my pinterest-worthy craft room.

craft room (2)

Not what you were expecting? I take what I can get.
Someday that will all be livable space with real floors and walls and ceiling. Someday.

Do you spy the color wheel?

color wheel (1)

I got my inspiration AND the free cut file/pattern from here. Hers is super cute (and taken in much better lighting).

color wheel (2)

I made it on a piece of foam board and used fabric, paper, buttons, and stickers. I really liked the Picasso quote and so I stamped that out too. It was a fun little project to do to add some color to my “space” and it was very simple and non-time-consuming. (I told you..not enough to stand on it’s own as a blog post.)

Next, I have a wreath I made for Spring.

spring wreath (2)

I made the felt flowers, the nest if from Hobby Lobby, and the eggs are from an antique shop in Kalona, IA.

spring wreath (4)

A little more subdued than my usual choice of colors, but it worked really well for Spring.

spring wreath (1)

I painted our side tables. Our coffee table and two side tables were a GREAT DEAL from a friend’s garage sale soon after we were married. We slapped some black spray paint on them, but they were really starting to show some wear and tear.

table before (1)

So, as I was in the very early stages of labor with Benji, I painted (while taking precautions and staying in a very well ventilated area: aka the outdoors).

table after (2)

We used a grayish beige sort of color (greige, if you will) that we had lying around. Before the hubs and I had our kiddos we used to, you know, just go to stores together. We didn’t even have to bring along a snack or push two carts. Anywho, when we would go to a hardware store together I found it difficult, nay impossible, to pass by the “oops paint” without perusing the colors and probably buying a can or two. Present day me would give past me a slightly judgmental look. This was one of many colors that I probably had no real need to ever get and have consequently used, but only because it was there and I’m sure I gave some sort of promise about how I would definitely use the paint for all sorts of projects. hah.

If you follow me on instagram, you may have spotted my giant chalkboard where I was doing verses of the week and REALLY need to get back into the habit of doing again.

chalkboard (1)

So much about that picture has changed (mainly no more book shelves in our living room) that it makes me want to give a “house tour” and take pictures of every room. But then I think about how I would need to clean them all…

chalkboard (2)

Maybe I’ve done less chalkboard verses since I’ve been doing a lot more Bible journaling. I think I am going to take an entire post to share about that, but I’ll just share one page.

liz journals the Bible (23)

I also painted our side entrance leading down to the basement. This was before.

entryway before and after (2)

It was a dingy white that had yellow sealant sprayed on it (THAT’S a long story) from when we first moved in and just needed some TLC badly.

entryway before and after (3)

So I just continued the yellow from the kitchen.

entryway before and after (6)

We also added the baskets on the wall (from Walmart) and the hooks for the cleaning supplies. Not super glamorous, but the organization makes a huge difference.

entryway before and after (1)

And our pots and pans on our spraypainted pegboard also help with organization. We have a fairly small kitchen with not a lot of cabinets or counter space, so we have tried to be as creative as possible with where and how to store things.

Sooo….there you have it. What may have been my most random blog post ever. If you made it to the end, then I truly believe you are a dear, dear friend. I still have more to share (Bible journaling, a furniture redo, two room redos) but those should be enough to stand on their own. Thanks for sticking with me. Hopefully you learned a little more about me or felt a little inspired to go do one of those less-than-glamorous, but satisfying-to-finally-accomplish projects.


And Sew It Begins

I have started sewing a little. I COULD NOT be doing what I’m doing without the help of my ah-mazing mother-in-law, support from my super duper husband and mama, and fb comments from many. Granted, what I’m “doing” is not ah-mazing or super duper. In fact, NO ONE is allowed to inspect any seams or lines or anything, because I can promise you, they are NOT straight. But, the point is that I am sewing on my sewing machine. Something that at many, many times I did not think would ever happen.

pillow cover

(Grey and yellow pillow slipcover made by me. Blue pillow made by Target.)

Please, do not expect any sewing tutorials from me. Ever. Evereverevereverever. (Unless over the course of several years I actually learn to sew “well”. Even then, don’t hold your breath.) But I am so glad that I am finally able to start doing some of the very simple sewing projects that I have been wanting to accomplish for a long time and they look good (from far away and in dark corners). 😉

curtain (2)

(Pay no attention to the painter’s tape around the door.
We are repainting all of our trim.)

Thanks for anyone that ever believed in me. Or admitted that sewing machines are beasts that need to be tamed and that it takes time and mucho mucho patience. (Something I am not very good at when it comes to making things.) Thankfully, I am not a perfectionist, so I am okay with having curtains whose seams go up and down and no, they’re not zigzag. And NO you cannot check them.

Gallery Wall Re-Do

Some people are creatures of habit, I am a creature of change. When I was in college I used to love to rearrange my dorm room with my roomie. I just love moving things around (or creating them) and having something be different. I think this desire for change has intensified since I starting staying home with Ellery.

I am constantly in the same environment doing much of the same things over and over (don’t get me wrong, I LOVE staying at home with my daughter, it is one of the biggest blessings of my life), so a change of scenery is appreciated.

So, in the past month I have completely rearranged the two bookcases in my living room (while making the bottom shelves kid-friendly) and redid the gallery wall in the dining room.

gallery wall Collage

I really wanted to bring in some of the yellow and aqua from the living room into the dining room. Especially since they flow into each other and the wall color is the same. And I wanted to incorporate more of our families and not just couple pictures of the hubby and I.

First things first, we took down all the frames, filled in all the holes, and touched up with paint. I figured it would be easier to just start from scratch than to try to line up the frames with the old holes.

gallery wall redo (16)

I also took down the vinyl saying I made, but I’m going to try to use it somewhere else. Stay tuned for that.

Then, I took a whole bunch of paper and made models of each frame and played around with layouts on the floor. That way you don’t have to put any unnecessary holes in the wall. I even included one for the vent.

gallery wall redo (15)

Next, I taped them to wall to visualize how it would all look.

gallery wall redo (19)

**DISCLAIMER**: I did this step WRONG. Some of my papers were the actual size of the frames they represented, but some of them were not. I figured, “Hey! I can guesstimate and it will all work out, right?” Wrong. Take the time to make all your papers the right size. It will save you lots of heartache later on, when you realize you’re halfway through putting pictures on the wall and you have no way to fit the rest of the pictures the way you want them too.

Case in point, half of the pictures on the wall and the rest don’t fit. Ahhh! Even after I tipped the canvas on it’s side which meant I couldn’t use the “Oh His Love Divine” canvas, and had to make it myself. (More on that later). Learn from my mistake, use proper measurements!

gallery wall redo (23)

Thankfully, we added took out a frame, added another, and the mister was able to arrange them all to fit symmetrically.

gallery wall redo (9)

I used most of the same large pictures since I don’t have many big sizes. I also kept the drawing/song I made for him for a birthday/anniversary and the original copy of the song that he wrote for me.

I spray painted a few of the frames and mattes to bring in the colors I wanted. Did you know you can just spray paint a matte?? That way you have the exact color you want and it’s super easy to change.

Oh, and the large black and white picture is of one of the mister’s relatives as a fireman. Pretty cool to see our last name on a fireman uniform.

gallery wall redo (7)

And there you have it! It makes me smile every time I pass by (or at least it did for a while, I might need to change something else up now…)

I’ll post how I made the canvas sometime soon.
Thanks for reading!


Easy Fall Wreath

You know how there are those times that you are in a creative rut and you just wish you had some IDEAS? I am not in one of those times. ; )

I have a whole list of things to do/create, which is wonderful, but am only able to  carve time out of my busy days and weeks very slowly to do them.
Since doing a little fall decorating I have been really wanting to make a fall wreath.

fall wreath 2012 main pic

This project was FREE for me since I had all the materials on hand.
Yay for free (and easy)! : )

fall wreath 2012 (3)

All I needed was a grapevine wreath (you can get one from Hobby Lobby for about $4 with a coupon) and some fall faux leaves/flowers I got on clearance last year ( a couple bucks at most).

fall wreath 2012 (4)

I just stuck the leaves in among the grapevine and hot glued the flowers on.
That way if I decide to recreate the wreath later it won’t be a huge hassle.

But..I wasn’t quite content with it at this point…it needed something.

fall wreath 2012 (5)


It goes perfectly with my “mantle”.

welcome fall

It makes me happy every time I see it. : )

fall wreath 2012 (8)

THIS is why I have been looking for Scrabble games every time we go to Goodwill and why I was so stoked when my father-in-law found one for me.

fall wreath 2012

Hopefully it makes the mailman anyone that comes up to our house happy too.

Thanks for stopping by!

The 36th AVENUE

Nursery Room Reveal

The time is finally here!

Are you peeing in your pants a little out of excitement??
No? Oh…yeah, me neither..

It’s finally time to reveal baby girl’s nursery!!!

Disclaimer: There are still a few things I want to do to this room (like hem the bunting curtains and add that fabric to the green ones), but I figured if I waited for perfection then you would never get to see it!
Also, the glider/rocker that her daddy is building is SO CLOSE to being done.
It even looks like a chair!
So that will be added at some point, too.

I put links to the various projects from along the way, but don’t hesitate to ask any questions about anything in the comments.

Are you ready for picture overload??

finished nursery (2)

Also, are you ready for color overload because it’s very bright and happenin’ in here.

finished nursery (4)

The painted tree and multi colored dresser all filled to the brim
with baby and cuteness.

finished nursery (5)

The tissue paper flowers are from one of her showers
and how cute are those shoes from grandma???

finished nursery (6)

Bookshelves with multiple owls.

finished nursery (7)

I don’t have pictures in it yet, but how cute is this little frame that Auntie Amber made for her little niece! 2 (Mike and I) + 1 (Ellery) = 3 (Our little family)

finished nursery (8)

Owl bins with toys, “dresser” FULL of blankets and towels, and bunting curtains.

finished nursery (9)

Owl mobile, beautiful owl painting from Mike’s cousin, and sonogram pictures in frame. (Not to mention SAH-WEET video baby monitor from Target. Love it already.)

finished nursery (25)

Sleeping, adorable baby in crib.
(No, I don’t let her sleep with loose blankets like that, she was waking up and I put her in there so I could take the picture!)

finished nursery (26)

See? She’s waking up. And adorable. And perfect. And I love her.

finished nursery (10)

Side table and future location of the glider!
Plus, look at that amazing, matching cushion for it—I have the best mom-in-law.

finished nursery (11)

Bouquet of handprint flowers from my old pre-k class. How sweet!

finished nursery (12)

LOTS of books and these are just her cardboard/cloth ones!
Keeping it real with the hand sanitizer. 😉

finished nursery (13)

Lots of diapers and hiding stuffed animals.
They were in her crib, but obviously they couldn’t stay there.
P.S. did the yawing baby on the diaper pack make you yawn?
How ‘bout now?

finished nursery (14)

Changing table with little owls for her to keep entertained by.
(Thanks again to Amber! I also have the best sister-in-laws 🙂

finished nursery (16)

Alphabet wall and many hanging owls from a shower.

finished nursery (20)

Bunting banner and now we’ve come full circle around her room!

finished nursery (3)

I had so much fun doing all the projects for this room
with SUCH anticipation for our little one.

And now she’s here and we actually get to USE this room. 🙂
Hopefully you weren’t too overwhelmed by all the pictures.

Thanks for being here!!

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The 36th AVENUE

Room Reveal: Painted Craft Room

This looks to be a long post. After all, it’s a step by step of a never-ending project. But I’ll do my best to not bore you.
Let’s jump right in at the before, shall we?

Green walls (sage maybe?), matching green ceiling, yellow-ed doors and molding from the “lead paint guys”, and a variety of other unsightly obstacles to overcome.

First things first, we got some generic white ceiling paint and got to painting.
**May I interject that painting a ceiling is not fun work, seeing as your hands are above your head the whole time and all. I owed the mister a backrub or two since he did most of it.**

We even “primed” the walls with the ceiling paint. 🙂
In retrospect, we probably should have just used primer. But I HATE priming walls and all our paint was “self-priming”. Yeah, sure it was.

Next, we painted the trim, molding, and doors white. (Like our paint sheet?)
FINALLY, we could begin.

And by begin..I don’t mean painting (color) which is my favorite and probably only enjoying part of the process. We began measuring and taping.

(No..we didn’t measure the whole room with a McDonalds 6 inch ruler. Why am I measuring? Well, the first time around we measured around the WHOLE room and made pencil marks and then taped. The we learned our lesson.)

We measured (with a tape measure!) our walls which were 93 inches from molding to ceiling. I wanted around 9 inch thick stripes so the mister did the math on how many would fit and that sort of thing.

We ended up doing three 10 inch thick stripes of each color and one 3 inch stripe at the bottom. We realized it would be much easier to measure 10 inch stripes than 10 1/3 inch stripes to divide the wall evenly.

(Sorry for the blurry darkness. It was mostly the evening hours that we were able to work on this.)

We painted one color at a time since the tape from the previous color would be in the way of the next color. Also, like I pointed out in yesterday’s post, it was better to do it in sections anyway.

After we lifted the tape of the previous color and let it dry completely, we measured and began taping for the next color. The advantage of the second and third stripes was that we could use the one before it as a guide.

For instance, we only had to measure 10 inches above the blue striped to know where the top of the yellow stripe would be. Then we marked that with pencil, snapped a chalk line, and taped.

What really helped to create straight (ish) lines was that we taped with a tiny  bit of the previous color showing. So a teeny, tiny line of blue showed when we taped for the yellow line and it reeeeally helped to ensure straight lines. Also, probably MOST IMPORTANTLY, we made sure the tape was down really, really, really tight so that nothing would seep through.

The yellow stripe took the longest because it needed three coats of paint. I blame the green underneath.

Are you ready??

Again..taken at night so they’re a little dark.

Oh, I almost forgot one of my favorite things about this project! Both the blue and pink paint were “oops” colors that we found at our local hardware store. So they were about $5 each. Wowzas! I knew the colors that I wanted, but was willing to compromise a little on the shade and we were able to find BOTH! The yellow is the same color as our kitchen! 🙂

The blue is Atlantic Dawn by Dutchboy. The yellow is Sunflower by Dutchboy. The pink is Passion Pink by Pittsburgh Paint. The white is Ultra White (Point Pleasant?) by Dutchboy.

So..it’s bright. Maybe a little Dr. Suess-ey.
But I love it and I can’t wait to fill it up and start creating!

Thanks for reading. Hopefully it wasn’t too long. If you have any questions about what we did you can ask in the comments or contact me!

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