2016 Goals and #OLW

When thinking about setting some goals for the new year, I was brought back here, to my long-neglected blog, since this is where I have written down those goals/resolutions for the past several years. (See previous years here: 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015)

It was a walk down memory lane to go back through and see which resolutions I kept, which ones I didn’t, and which were consistent from year to year. Also, it will never cease to amaze me how much my children change in just one year. Crazy.

Sometimes I hesitate to even make goals for the new year since my expectations for myself always seem a bit unreachable. Still, I think it’s a good practice to sit and evaluate where I am and where I’d like to be and January is as good a time as any to do that.

Last year my #OLW (One Little Word) was STRETCH. I was able to stretch myself in certain areas (including physical health for a season), but I certainly have areas to improve in or pick back up where I left off. This year my #OLW is actually two (sorry if that’s cheating, but it’s what God has been placing in my mind lately.

show up picture

My word(s) is: SHOW UP
I want to SHOW UP and be the friend/wife/mother/Christian that I would want in my own life. I want to actively look for needs that others around me have and I want to SHOW UP and do what I can to meet them. I have had several amazing friends do this sort of thing for me in the past year and I want to do the same. This includes people I live close to and also those that are far away (which is hard to do, but so worth it) AND current friends and people I have yet to really invite into my life (but need to). I also want to INVEST in the people around me (including my kids!) and have a year marked with compassion and kindness.

As far as goals are concerned a lot of them are desires I have had for several years that I either need to START for the first time or begin to do again. I believe there is a degree of accountability by posting them here, so here are 3 main goals I have for the year:

1. Start a prayer journal.
**The message at church today was on spiritual disciplines and the discipline that I desperately need to learn is PRAYER. I talk to God each day, but I have no set time or place to really meet with Him and talk to Him and listen to what He has for me. Usually my prayers are quick and focused on the day-to-day, which isn’t wrong in and of itself, but I also want to focus on God’s kingdom and an eternal perspective.**

2. Meal plan.
**Our whole family THRIVES so much more when I have taken the time to plan out our meals for the week/month. I am always so thankful when I take the time to do this, and always so discouraged when after a long day I am faced with the decision of “well, what should we make for dinner?” and I no longer feel capable of making decisions for they day. Any one get like that?**

3. Get back into a work out routine.
**This is pretty self explanatory. I’m hoping to include the kids in some way to make it possible to accomplish during their waking hours.**

In 2015 I DID accomplish a few things like keeping both children alive and reading a whole book cover to cover (For The Love by Jen Hatmaker…go read it!). 🙂 I would like to do that again in 2016, and perhaps even read more than one book. I was able to create a lot of beautiful things including three embroidered maps of the United States. I custom made a few signs and hand embroidered ornaments. I was even able to contribute a few of my handmade items to a local shop called Maker’s Market which was definitely part of a dream come true, and something I want to continue to do. I have so many ideas of things to create that I sometimes have trouble actually sitting down and making something (especially something that others would want to buy) and this year I really want to find something specific that I can make well that others would enjoy. I started Bible Journaling in March of last year and, without sounding too dramatic, it literally changed my life. I plan to continue to explore God’s Word in this way and I hope to even teach a “class” on it. I became a demonstrator for Stampin’ Up! and I have loved finding new ways to create through stamping. I have even handmade a few cards which is something I never really felt “good enough” to do.

I know there are a lot of other things that I could add to my list of goals and my list of things-actually-accomplished. For instance, the always-growing to do list for our home; learning to crochet; make our basement a livable space (I’m looking at you, Craft Room); figure out landscaping for our front and side yard; oh, and we might as well throw blog semi-regularly on here. But I’m hoping that by keeping it simple and reminding myself of the goals that I have for myself and the things that are MOST important, I will be able to look back on this year and at least check off those three things. (Feel free to keep me accountable internet world).

God is moving in my life and stirring my heart in some ways I understand and others that I need to dig a little deeper and figure out a little more. I am excited to see what He has in store for me and my family in 2016. There is potential for big changes and regular
day-to-day happenings that make up a whole year. I am excited to gain two more nephews (hopefully both this month)!

What resolutions do you have? Do you have one word that you try to focus on for the year?
Thanks for reading. 😉