#Liz Journals the Bible

I have been wanting to write a blog post about my Bible journaling for a while. There is, of course, a hesitancy since it is sharing parts of my personal journey with God and it gives opportunity for others to interpret my motivations, but ultimately I believe it’s worth it. I would like to share a little background, how/where/why I started, and I’ll share a few pictures throughout.
(I say “a few”, but I’ve been journaling since March and when I took these pictures a few ago I had 57 or so. This might have to end up being a series. hah)

liz journals the Bible (3)

What is Bible journaling?
Obviously the concept of writing notes or even drawing pictures in a Bible is not new. People have been doing for years and years, I’m sure. Shanna Noel started a movement a little while ago (a few years I think) called Illustrated Faith which has been spreading like wildfire. Her philosophy is that if even just one person is impacted by her sharing her faith in the margins of her Bible, then it is worth it (even if that one person is herself). I love this philosophy. I first heard of Bible journaling through Valerie Wiener’s blog and I was so inspired by her art and her story of God’s work in her life. Before I started journaling in March, I was fairly consistent in my reading of the Bible each day, but it never seemed to impact  much of my day or my life. I was doing my Bible readings on my computer which made it much easier to skim and not really dig into the text at all. I have always been a very hands-on learner and so it didn’t really make sense for me to expect to be able to interact with the text in this way.

liz journals the Bible (17)

Once I started reading with an actual Bible in my hands and gave myself permission to underline and highlight and write notes and illustrate what I was learning, I started learning so much more every time I opened my Bible and it stuck with me through the day. This process of Bible journaling has transformed my Bible reading. I still try to read daily, but don’t journal every day, I just try to be open to what God is teaching me through His Word and I create in the spaces in my Bible when I am inspired to do so. I definitely see it as a form of worship and it also enable me to use my creative gifts which helps to “fill” me each day.

liz journals the Bible (28)

What is my motivation?
I have already touched on this a little, but I thought I should clearly state what my motivation is for sharing, especially on social media. I have posted a few pictures of my Bible before on my Instagram with the hashtag #lizjournalsthebible. I never want it to seem like I am sharing these pages to show off or to get likes, in fact, I have had to check my motivations for that and that’s probably why I haven’t shared more before. Those who know me well can probably attest to the fact that I can be fairly affirmation-needy which is something I have worked on all my life and will probably always need to work on. When I draw/journal/create in my Bible it is for the benefit of me, and ultimately for God. However, thinking about how much seeing the faith and Bible pages of others impacted me and helped renew my hunger for God’s Word inspires me to share my scribbles and my personal journey. Because if by sharing I can inspire just one person to read their Bible and interact with it and grow closer to God, than by all means it is so worth it!

liz journals the Bible (26)

liz journals the Bible (27)

Where did I start?
I have been using the SheReadsTruth studies for over a year now and I continue to find them so helpful to have a pre-organized study that is so centralized on the Bible and yet also includes encouraging and challenging thoughts from Christian women that God is using to impact so many. I should add that one of the reasons I was previously reading the Bible on my computer was because that is where I read from each day’s study on SRT and they conveniently have a link to each Bible passage on their site. This was extremely helpful especially back in the days of having a newborn Benji and I could MUCH more easily read a Bible reading on my phone/computer while nursing him as opposed to having to try to balance my Bible and take care of him. There are certainly different stages in our lives that work well with different things (and people’s personalities that work with different things—there are many people that would never dream of painting in their Bible, and that’s okay; I do try to keep all of the Biblical text visible when I am working in my Bible, but some people don’t and that’s okay too! It’s not about a right way or a wrong way to interact with the Bible as long as we are worshipping God and respecting Him and His Word). We are all on a personal journey with God and He meets us where we are and extends grace to each individual person. I never would have had time to do a lot of Bible journaling a year ago with a newborn and a toddler. It is still a challenge to find the time  sometimes, but I am grateful whenever I do get the chance. It can be a hard balance between making time to read God’s Word AND take the time to write out thoughts or pictures based on what I’ve learned AND try to balance family time, quality time with Mike, maintaining our household, etc. I try to remind myself that this is a stage and a season (which everybody says is short..lol) and that a lot of my worship and teaching from God comes in the form of daily being changed to be more like Jesus as I go through life.

liz journals the Bible (38)

liz journals the Bible (39)

How did I start?
After looking at professional-grade hand lettering and beautiful pictures painted in Bibles, I was at a bit of a loss of where to start when I received my journaling Bible (ordered it only for a little over $20). I didn’t want to “mess it up”, but I also wanted it to be a reflection of my personal journey with God expressed creatively. I definitely made some “mistakes” and made some pages that aren’t really my favorite, but since it’s about the process and not really about the end result it’s not something I’ve worried about too much. The SRT study when I first started journaling was in Lamentations and these were  my first ever journaled pages.

liz journals the Bible (7)

liz journals the Bible (8)

liz journals the Bible (9)

liz journals the Bible (56)

Just like my faith with God is a journey, this illustrating of my faith had been a journey. As I tried different things with different pages, I have discovered that I usually prefer to have colorful journaling with different fonts and lettering as opposed to a drawing only one picture or verse. There are many exceptions to this as I give myself creative freedom, but it has helped to figure out how I am best able to meditate on what I am reading.

liz journals the Bible (5)

Well, since I don’t think I’m going to include 50 more pictures, we’ll call that Part 1. I would LOVE to share more about any of the pages or my personal relationship with Jesus if you’re interested. Comment or send me an email. I would also love to answer any questions anyone might have. In part 2 maybe I’ll talk about some of the tools and methods I use. If you have been considering getting a journaling Bible or even using a notebook to creatively express what God is teaching you, don’t wait any longer! God wants to know and be known. He wants an interactive, intimate relationship with YOU and this might be one way you can deepen (or start!) that relationship.

liz journals the Bible (55)

Thanks for reading.
❤ Liz


A Miscellany of Projects

I think I’ve mentioned that while I have not been the most faithful at blogging, I have done an okay job at taking pictures of various projects that I have worked on. However, as I was going through pictures, none of them seemed to quite merit their own blog post. Which brings us to our title: a miscellany of projects. It’s a real word, look it up. (I did..) I almost went with a GOULASH of projects, but I reeeally don’t like goulash, so here we are.

First, let’s take a journey to my pinterest-worthy craft room.

craft room (2)

Not what you were expecting? I take what I can get.
Someday that will all be livable space with real floors and walls and ceiling. Someday.

Do you spy the color wheel?

color wheel (1)

I got my inspiration AND the free cut file/pattern from here. Hers is super cute (and taken in much better lighting).

color wheel (2)

I made it on a piece of foam board and used fabric, paper, buttons, and stickers. I really liked the Picasso quote and so I stamped that out too. It was a fun little project to do to add some color to my “space” and it was very simple and non-time-consuming. (I told you..not enough to stand on it’s own as a blog post.)

Next, I have a wreath I made for Spring.

spring wreath (2)

I made the felt flowers, the nest if from Hobby Lobby, and the eggs are from an antique shop in Kalona, IA.

spring wreath (4)

A little more subdued than my usual choice of colors, but it worked really well for Spring.

spring wreath (1)

I painted our side tables. Our coffee table and two side tables were a GREAT DEAL from a friend’s garage sale soon after we were married. We slapped some black spray paint on them, but they were really starting to show some wear and tear.

table before (1)

So, as I was in the very early stages of labor with Benji, I painted (while taking precautions and staying in a very well ventilated area: aka the outdoors).

table after (2)

We used a grayish beige sort of color (greige, if you will) that we had lying around. Before the hubs and I had our kiddos we used to, you know, just go to stores together. We didn’t even have to bring along a snack or push two carts. Anywho, when we would go to a hardware store together I found it difficult, nay impossible, to pass by the “oops paint” without perusing the colors and probably buying a can or two. Present day me would give past me a slightly judgmental look. This was one of many colors that I probably had no real need to ever get and have consequently used, but only because it was there and I’m sure I gave some sort of promise about how I would definitely use the paint for all sorts of projects. hah.

If you follow me on instagram, you may have spotted my giant chalkboard where I was doing verses of the week and REALLY need to get back into the habit of doing again.

chalkboard (1)

So much about that picture has changed (mainly no more book shelves in our living room) that it makes me want to give a “house tour” and take pictures of every room. But then I think about how I would need to clean them all…

chalkboard (2)

Maybe I’ve done less chalkboard verses since I’ve been doing a lot more Bible journaling. I think I am going to take an entire post to share about that, but I’ll just share one page.

liz journals the Bible (23)

I also painted our side entrance leading down to the basement. This was before.

entryway before and after (2)

It was a dingy white that had yellow sealant sprayed on it (THAT’S a long story) from when we first moved in and just needed some TLC badly.

entryway before and after (3)

So I just continued the yellow from the kitchen.

entryway before and after (6)

We also added the baskets on the wall (from Walmart) and the hooks for the cleaning supplies. Not super glamorous, but the organization makes a huge difference.

entryway before and after (1)

And our pots and pans on our spraypainted pegboard also help with organization. We have a fairly small kitchen with not a lot of cabinets or counter space, so we have tried to be as creative as possible with where and how to store things.

Sooo….there you have it. What may have been my most random blog post ever. If you made it to the end, then I truly believe you are a dear, dear friend. I still have more to share (Bible journaling, a furniture redo, two room redos) but those should be enough to stand on their own. Thanks for sticking with me. Hopefully you learned a little more about me or felt a little inspired to go do one of those less-than-glamorous, but satisfying-to-finally-accomplish projects.

DIY Puzzle Picture Frame Artwork

This project was completed a while ago, but has not made it to the blog yet. I have gotten pretty behind with posting some of my DIY’s, so much so that recently when I’ve done stuff I’ve been lucky to just take before and after pictures. I’m going to try to catch up with some of my projects and be a little more faithful with posting. I will not apologize though, because mostly I’ve been busy with two children two and under so I think that’s a good enough excuse.

Let’s set the stage, shall we? As far as father-in-laws go I lucked out BIG TIME and got one of the best. He was/is a great dad to my husband, he’s a great grandpa, and he’s pretty nice to me too. Case in point, for Christmas he cut out six, interlocking, unfinished, wood puzzle pieces and gave them to me to do whatever I wanted to. So basically a super fun, blank canvas. He saw the idea in a bookstore, but knew that with our powers combined, we could do it for a lot cheaper and much more customized.

I found lots of pictures and quotations on the interwebs for inspiration, mapped out where I wanted everything to go on the puzzle pieces, and had my dear, sweet husband cut out four shapes to serve as picture frames.

puzzle artwork (2)
Then I painted all six pieces two different colors using white spraypaint and a really fun blue latex paint that was given to us. (Sidebar: that has been a very faithful painting sheet and has seen many a project.)

puzzle artwork (3)
Here they are all dry and put together. We ended up stapling them all together on the back so that they would stay together on the wall and we only had to hang it in one spot.

puzzle artwork (1)

And here are the individual puzzle pieces after I hand painted the designs and put pictures in the frames.

‘You are my sunshine’ with Ellery and Grandpa last Christmas and surprisingly the only other colors that I included.

puzzle picture frame (3)
“Be still and know” Psalm 46:10

puzzle picture frame (4)

Look at those two geeks. We were madly in love. (Still are!)


puzzle picture frame (5)

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart” Proverbs 3:5 with those awesome in-laws of mine. 😉


puzzle picture frame (6)

“Family” with Scrabble tiles.
This is us last Christmas meeting our twin niece and nephew.

I can’t even tell you how many times I have had to re-hotglue the “f” back on. Most of the time due to one little toddler (who shall remain nameless) prying it off.


puzzle picture frame (7)

“But as for me, I will always have hope” Psalm 71:14

puzzle picture frame (8)     

And here it is all together. It just so happens to fit PERFECTLY in this spot in our little hallway. Almost as if it was designed specifically to fit. I love it.

 puzzle picture frame (2)

It sits right in between the door frames of the bathroom and Benji’s room.

 puzzle picture frame (9)

Thanks for the awesome Christmas present, Pop! I had a lot of fun making it “us”.

Oh..and lest you think that I have excluded all of our other family members, don’t worry there is a whole slew of other pictures on the gallery wall in the dining room.

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DIY Laundry Pedestal

One of the beautiful things about blogging is that it’s a great way to document not only things that I make, but also things that the hubs and other family members make also.

This laundry pedestal was on our to-do list for a while especially since we bought a front loading washer and dryer when we moved into our house two years ago. Mike actually finished this back in the summer, but I’m just getting to posting about it now. At least it helps to remember when we could be outside with no coats. 🙂

I won’t really be doing a tutorial, since I’m not the one that built it and I didn’t really take many pictures of the process, but if that’s something you’d be interested in let me know and we’ll see what we can whip up.

The top was one solid piece of thick, white particle board/plywood and the bottom was one piece of plywood. The rest was a frame the hubs built to support the washer/dryer, but also have enough space to store our laundry baskets underneath.

laundry pedestal (4)

I painted all the wood that wasn’t already white with some white primer. Let me tell you, it was a little difficult to paint some of the legs and base.

laundry pedestal (5)

Then I painted the outer frame and base this sweet blue that we found in the “oops section” of the paint section. I have no idea what it is called, but we got the whole gallon for less than $4. Let’s call it Paradise Island. The white surface is some kind of laminate so I knew any blue paint I got on it would just scratch off when dry and the appliances would cover most of the white so it didn’t really matter that it wasn’t blue.

laundry pedestal (3)

And here it is in the basement! The laundry room and, well, the whole basement is a work in progress as none of it is finished and the previous owners left us with drywall cut in half among other things. So, please forgive me if I don’t show you the whole room.

laundry pedestal (1)

It has been SUCH a helpful addition to our house and I can’t wait to update the space around it to make it all useful and attractive.

laundry pedestal (2)
Thanks for being here!

Multi Colored Side Table

Still waiting for baby girl’s arrival…

I figured maybe she didn’t think her room was quite ready for her, so I’ve been trying to work on any miscellaneous projects I had set out to do,
but hadn’t done yet.

Oh, and pass the time.
I am LOVING having my mom up from PA to spend time with and the mister is around most of the time, too (when he’s not getting ready for school or working on the rocker).

But, I am still anxious to meet our little one.
Her due date was 4 days ago (and counting).
I have an inducement scheduled for Tuesday, if she STILL hasn’t come by then.

Anywho..the point of the post is that I painted a side table to match her dresser!


I’m not going to do a big tutorial on it since I did exactly the same thing as the dresser, just on a smaller scale.

If you want to know how I did it, check it out here.

Here’s the before..


We got two side tables that matched the dresser (from a friend for FREE—thanks again!) that have been sitting in the garage.

I removed the hardware (which I spray painted white), sanded it down, and gave it all a coat of brush painted white paint.


Then, I spray painted the drawers some bright, fun colors using the same spray paint from the dresser and gave the outside another coat of white.


Now it’s ready to sit by the rocker and hold things for me
as I take care of my little girl!


I love how cheerful the colors are and how it matches the dresser!


Okay, baby Peanut, are you ready now??

Thanks for being here (and being patient through the sporadic posts and pregnancy rants)!

Finished Curtains

I’ve been trying to keep myself busy with projects to distract myself from waiting for this baby.

Perhaps you remember my epic fail curtains?
Long story short, I bought these amazing bunting curtains from IKEA before we knew if little Peanut was a boy or girl..

via IKEA

So, after we found out we were having a girl, I decided I loved all the colors except the RED.  I tried altering the curtains by painting the red flags pink, but that all ended in a horrific craft fail.

HOURS of tedious work later, I have emerged triumphant over aforementioned curtains (with a little help from my wonderful momma).

I took your advice (thank you!) and bought pink fabric to sew over top the red flags.  I then proceeded to hand sew (with pink embroidery thread) each pink flag that had to be cut to size—why yes, I’m still afraid/challenged by my sewing machine, thanks for asking.

It took SO LONG mostly because I didn’t touch the curtains for a long time because, let’s face it, we were in a fight.

But now…


Blue, yellow, orange, green, and PINK curtains!!


Look how nice they look pulled back. 🙂


Aaand up close.

The sun was doing funny things to the pictures, but trust me, they’re ALL pink.

A full nursery room reveal is coming soon, I’m debating whether or not I should wait for the hubby to be done with the glider/rocker he’s building for us.
Which, I’ll have you know, is coming right along and looks FAB-U-LOUS, but there’s still a little work to be done.

Maybe that’s what Peanut is waiting for, too.

What do you think: room reveal now or later??





Painted Tree Mural

It’s been TOO long, so it’s time for another rendition of…

a pin worthy tuesdays

Dare I say it, the nursery is almost ready for little Peanut to move in.
And I am finding myself more and more ready for Peanut to move out…
..of my tummy.

Seriously, it feels like she’s ginormous and finding herself with less and less room in there, so OF COURSE she responds with rib jabs and excessive movement.
Not to mention the more she grows inside, the more evidence I have of that on the outside..if you know what I mean.

Anywho, I have a REALLY exciting project to share with you which marks the almost completion of baby girl’s room.

Ever since I knew I wanted an owl themed nursery, I knew I wanted a white tree on the wall.

Similar to this pinspiration here.


But, was I willing to spend around $100 for a tree decal?

Not. Even. Close.

Plus, how hard could it be to hand paint a wall size tree? 😉

I’m sure you’ve seen this amazing tree on the interwebs..


I used her tutorial as a guideline for what I’ll show you.

This is the wall you see as you stand in the doorway,
so the tree will be the first thing you see.


First, I borrowed the hubby’s projector.

Yes, it was suuuper helpful, if not essential, to have a projector for this project.
And super helpful to have a hubby that has a projector! Hurray for being married to a teacher! hehe)

I projected as much of the image as we could get to fit (being as big as I wanted it, also) onto the wall to trace.


Then, I traced the outline with some white chalk. I made sure to stay INSIDE all of my lines and even drew a single line for the thinner branches.
That way, I could make each leaf and branch as thick as I wanted and wouldn’t feel forced to fill in an outline if it was too thick.


After I traced the mid portion of the tree, we readjusted the projector for the top branches and finally bottom branches and trunk.
Keeping in mind that the easiest thing to freehand would be the trunk.

Here’s what it looked like with just the chalk outline.


Next, I gathered my supplies needed for painting.
I just used white acrylic paint and not-super-cheap brushes from my local craft store (aka Hobby Lobby).

The last thing I wanted was little brush hairs getting stuck in the paint.


I used the wide brush for the trunk which gave the most coverage and therefore needed fewer coats. Still though, it was white paint on a fairly dark blue wall, so I still used about 3 coats.


I used the smaller, pointed brush for the branches and leaves.
For later coats I used an even smaller, angled brush to really get the details without going outside the lines.

Here’s what it looked like after the first coat.


You can tell (even from further away) that the leaves were still in need of lots of coats to really fill them in.

I won’t bore you with all the pictures I took in between each coat.
It took several hours over two or three days with around 4 coats for the details of the tree.

BUT the end result is aaaaall worth it.


Next, I had my handy husband install two shelves (that were super generously given to us by a friend..thanks Marissa!) on two branches.

Oh, and thanks dear!


I love how the white shelves look like they’re part of the tree branches.


And with STUFF on them, the look is complete.


The tree stands right behind her dresser, but I like that if/when we rearrange the room the whole tree is waiting to be seen.


The lamp might need to relocate to show off more of the tree.

A sneak peak of one of those curtains that was nearly the death of me!
I have one panel done (with hand sewing individual triangles/flags of pink fabric over top the red flags on the curtain) and the other is in progress.


And that, ladies and gentlemen, is my white painted tree.
Hope you love it as much as I do!

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