Stitching the States Custom U.S. Map

Remember at the beginning of the year when it was January and there was fresh snow on the ground and it was the start of a brand new year full of possibility? Remember how I said I was going to try to blog weekly?

**crickets chirp**

*hangs head in shame*

About that… I’m really going to try to blog more. I really am. The good news is that I usually still take pictures when I am working on projects in the hope that “someday I’ll blog about this” so I have a few things I can share right away.

I’ve discovered recently that one of my absolute favorite things in the world is custom making things for people. I really enjoy creating things for myself and our family, but when I know that I am making something specifically for someone else there is an added element of specialness.

One such project that I did recently was creating a custom U.S. embroidery hoop map art for a sweet friend. My first real embroidery project was creating this map for myself and after I was finished, I wanted to do it again! (You can call me crazy, go ahead.) I used this pattern from the Raising Up Rubies etsy shop. If you don’t follow Jamie’s blog, stop whatever you’re doing right now and go visit. And then after you’re done there you can peruse her shop for even more of an adorableness overload. Seriously, I don’t think I’ve ever read a blog post or looked at a picture of something Jamie has created without being inspired. (And hey, we’re both from NY so maybe we’re secretly destined to be friends!) She has such talent, but also is such a sweet soul—you can just feel her kind spirit through all of the words she writes. You can make your own U.S. map by buying her pattern here. Oh, and if you have any desire to be inspired all.the.time. do yourself a favor and follower her on Instagram too. Just saying.

Anyway, I really enjoyed making the map a second time, fixed a few mistakes I made the first time, and got to try out a whole different approach of filling in the states with color.

Picture overload, anyone?

stitch the states map random colors (1)

The top one is the first map I made (and kept!) and the bottom one is the custom map.

stitch the states map random colors (2)

Custom map by itself.

stitch the states map random colors (3)

A little closer.

stitch the states map random colors (4)

There were two special hearts that I added. One where my friend was born.

stitch the states map random colors (5)

And one where her hubby was born too.

stitch the states map random colors (6)

My U.S. geography has improved IMMENSELY since completing these two maps.

stitch the states map random colors (8)

You can see my (imperfect) stitching on the back, but I also added a fun finishing touch with some state fabric that I have.
I thought it tied in well.  🙂

stitch the states map random colors (7)

The two maps side by side again. Rainbow color and “random” color.

Believe it or not, I have already started on a third map for another custom order. I love this form of crafting since it takes a minimal amount of focus and is therapeutic for me with its repetition. All that to say, I like making things and I really like making things for other people to enjoy.

**I’m somewhat open to the possibility of making more of these. Shoot me an email if you think you’re interested. And remember, you can always get the pattern and make it yourself!**

Thanks for stopping by!

❤ Liz


Simple Valentine’s Day Decorations

Happy Valentine’s Day! ❤

I don’t always decorate for today,
but when I do, it’s pretty simple and mostly from stuff I already have. 🙂

Here is the chalkboard in our living room.

valentines 2015 (2)

I used these super sweet mason jars with crocheted hearts from Raising Up Rubies to create a simple garland with mini clothespins. (Seriously her shop is the best and her blog is the best. Her Instagram is even the best. I just get so inspired by her.)

valentines 2015 (3)

The pom pom garland I had already made last year sometime and I decided to see if it would work if I hung both. And then the number of pom poms worked PERFECTLY with the spacing. Happy little surprise.

valentines 2015 (6)

The heart cross stitch design I actually copied from this tutorial for a cute memo board from East Coast Creative. Easy to recreate and super cute.

valentines 2015 (5)

And this is our mantle.

valentines 2015 (9)

The fabric scrap garland I actually made for Christmas (for my ‘booth’ at my first ever craft sale), but the colors worked really well for Valentine’s Day too. The embroidery hoop “O” with the flower was actually left over from the sale, too.

valentines 2015 (10)

The letters I made following this tutorial here. I had the straws and knew this would be a perfect, simple decoration. The tissue paper flowers are from Ellery’s baby shower that I have held onto and been able to use over and over.

valentines 2015 (8)

Pretty simple, but it makes me smile when I see it.

Hope you have a great day!