Benjamin David 12 Months Old

First things first, I changed some things around this here blog, like it?

Second things second, our tiny little peanut is now a one year old little boy and I am bursting with love, pride, and sentiment.

ben 12 months (4)

Benji 12 months old

12 month Collage

I managed to squeeze him in the basket one last time.
The bottom right is a little blurry, but I love that I captured his little crinkle-nose face.
Also, could he look any more like his daddy??

I don’t even know how to summarize the past month, this kid just seems to grow by leaps and bounds every day. He has such a fun and mischievous personality. This kid. Let’s just use getting into the dog food as an example. This is not a new issue for us, we’ve been training him that the dog’s food and water dishes are off limits since he started crawling. Now he’s gotten to the point that he KNOWS it’s naughty and so he sneaks over there and grabs the dog food/splashes in the water. When he hears some one coming he bolts away as quickly as possible so that maybe he won’t get caught and will get to keep the dog food that he still has stashed away in his little death grip. Sometimes he listens when we tell him to come here away from it and sometimes he laughs at us and runs over to it. He can be redirected time and time again or carried to the other end of the house, but the kid is determined to get into trouble. I feel like this won’t be the last that we see of his strong will.

He has definitely gotten to the point where he walks more than he crawls now. In fact, I get a little surprised when I see him crawling since his go-to is now walking or RUNNING. He is such a physical little man and he is getting fast on those little feet and chubby legs. He is also a climber, so he really has started to keep me on his toes. I have found him on top of tables and chairs and beds and he is just so proud of himself when he figures out how to get on top of new things. He loves to throw himself around on the couch, but of course he also tries to throw himself OFF of the couch sometimes too. I am trying to figure out the balance between letting him explore/learn lessons the hard way/get some bumps and bruises and keeping him from getting hurt. He is just such a wild man.

He is a sweetie though, too. He loves to laugh and make us laugh—especially Ellery. They are still interacting fairly well together, even with Ben’s increased ability to reach all the things and follow after her and knock over everything. He still has a little separation anxiety when I put him in the nursery, but most of the time he is a HUGE fan of people. Seriously, you give him an audience and he will ham it up.

He has six teeth now that the four on top have officially come in. He still loves to put things in his mouth and likes to bite things (like my knees..even though he knows that’s naughty too), but I am VERY thankful that he’s never tried to bite while nursing. Speaking of nursing, WE MADE IT TO A YEAR! There were times I didn’t know if we would, but I am so thankful that we did. Considering I was never really able to nurse Ellery, this feels like a miracle. Once he started consistently sleeping all the way through the night (around 11 months) he was still nursing around 5 or 6 times a day. Now we are down to 3 or 4 times a day. He seems to be less and less interested (probably because he is still eating everything all of the time) and I don’t know how much longer we will last. Although, I kind of feel like it is best case scenario if he decides to be done on his own.

He FINALLY said “mama”, but he is very selective of when he actually uses it. Usually it’s when he’s really sad and a little “mama” whimper will sneak out. I love it though. He seems to be babbling a lot, but most of what comes out of his mouth is “daddad dada da ddadadad”.

We had a fun birthday party for him last weekend with some friend and family. It was a little chilly that day, but I  think everyone still had a good time. That kid LOVED his cake and loved that we thought it was a good idea to give him an entire cake. He smashed it. I think he would have enjoyed it more if he wasn’t cold and he didn’t keep shoving green frosting up his nose. We had a nice, fun day at home on his actual birthday with birthday pancakes and balloons and presents.

The night before his birthday, (aka the early morning hours of his birthday) he had a really rough night of sleeping. I’m not sure if he was so excited for the big day or if he was having flash backs of where he was a year ago (hah!), but I heard little cries quite a bit. Every time I checked him he was still lying down and it appeared as if he was sleeping, but he just seemed to be struggling to settle. So after a while I went down and just rocked him for a while so he could settle in asleep on my chest. He hasn’t slept on me for months and months (he hardly holds still long enough for a cuddle) and I got to hold him as he changed from a baby to a toddler. That was the sweetest gift he could have given me.

first year Collage

(I will update his stats after we have his one year check-up next week.)


Ellery 52 Weeks Old

Can you believe that it has been a year already??

52 week Collage

52 weeks; 12 months; 1 year old

It is hard to believe, but our little peanut becomes more of a toddler and less of a baby every day. I think the biggest difference is her ever-growing ability to interact. From blowing raspberries on my neck to make me laugh to figuring out how toys work to sharing a ball with a friend, she is able to do so much.

52 week second Collage

We had a quiet day on her birthday with our Moms’ Bible study in the morning and a lunch out with daddy. We gave her the Rose Cottage play house that we found at a garage sale and she has had a lot of fun crawling in and out of it and having tea parties with daddy. The next day was her big one year dr. appointment. She is 20 lbs. 12 oz. and around 29 inches long. She is still pretty consistent with the 50th percentile for both height and weight. She did great for the whole appointment, only complaining for the shots, the blood test, and her ears being checked. Seriously, she doesn’t like her ears being touched. Thankfully there were no infections or anything and the blood test came back negative for anemia. After she had recovered from her dr. appointment (and gotten a good nap) we took her to the Phelps Youth Pavilion as a special treat. She loved watching the fish in the fish tank, pressing buttons to play music from other countries, going down the rabbit hole with daddy, and being able to crawl around all sots of places and explore.

Over the weekend we had her birthday party which was a lot of fun with the friends and family that could make it. She had fun with her cake, although at first she was more interested in rocking her high chair back and forth than eating the cake. She put her hands in the frosting, but then didn’t want to use her frosting covered hands so she just kept leaning forward to take bites with just her mouth. She had a lot of fun opening gifts (and sat very well on my lap for that) and we were very blessed by what we received.

She has at least 7 teeth now (maybe 8..YOU stick your finger in there). Still not walking, but is experimenting with standing on her own more and more. She is showing a little shyness again, clutching on to mom or dad if she’s unsure of the person in front of her. She still can light up a room and goes to plenty of strangers though. She really likes to chew on her fingers and put her fingers in others’ mouths (no one is exempt from this: parents, other kids, pets, etc.)

She doesn’t like to stay in her high chair long these days, maybe because she doesn’t want to be strapped down. So we are trying to get as much food in her and then giving her a bottle. She has had a little milk and seems okay with it so far, we’re mostly trying to get her used to the taste as we slowly introduce it. She is getting better at using sippy cups and even wanted to feed herself with a spoon this week. It was yogurt and she got it everywhere, but she was so happy I couldn’t help but let her. She would dip the spoon in the yogurt and bring it to her mouth over and over. She even used a straw and then gave up on utensils all together and lifted the yogurt up to her mouth like a cup. We are encouraging her desire for independence but are VERY grateful for having a dog the helps clean up at least part of the mess.

I don’t think I will be posting weekly pictures anymore, at least not in the same way. I’d like to keep doing monthly updates and periodically include pictures during the week and funny stories/milestones. That way I don’t have to put the pressure of always having an update every week and trying to get her to sit still in that silly chair all the time.