Benjamin 8 Months


ben 8 months old (7)

8 months old

8 month Collage
This past month has arguably been the biggest month so far for our little Benji. A few days after he turned 7 months he started crawling and he has been becoming more and more adventurous ever since. At first he would crawl a step or two and then immediately stop to sit and he didn’t quite grasp the concept that crawling could get him to the things he wanted. Hence he would be fussing a few steps away from me but wouldn’t crawl over to me. Now, he SPEED crawls whenever he sees anything/anyone he wants. If I am on the floor for any reason he is going to crawl over to me and pull himself up on me. Which brings me to my next point, he’s pulling up on things. Slow down Benji boy!!! In the first picture you can see how he pulled himself up on the laundry basket I had him sitting in. He’s way too adventurous for his own good and has gotten himself stuck underneath tables and chairs or standing holding on to things he can’t get himself down from. But he learns so much every day and is able to do so much. It makes me very thankful that we already lowered his crib to the lowest setting, because otherwise he would be trying to topple out of it.

ben 8 months old (5)

He seems to be a very physical little dude despite his small size (“though he be but little, he is fierce”) and as soon as he achieves a milestone he perfects it as soon as possible. He is able to go from his back to his front to sitting to crawling to his tummy, etc. It seemed like as soon as he started to be able to sit on his own that he immediately did it all the time. In fact, I forgot to mention this last month, but he started taking big boy baths sitting up in the tub by himself. Which also means he gets to take them with his big sister—which automatically makes it the best thing ever. They both have always loved taking baths and now they BOTH love taking them together. Benji does a lot of splashing and Ellery loves washing his hair and having him in there with her.

Of course, we celebrated Ben’s first Christmas this past month also. We were able to celebrate many times with a lot of family and we were just SO loved on and SO blessed. Ben’s response to the Christmas tree was pretty much the same that Ellery’s had been in previous years. Kind of fun to look at and mess with, but not a huge attraction. He pulled down plenty of ornaments of course (of the twenty or so that Ellery placed on one branch), but he even left the presents alone. I do have to add that the highlight of Ellery’s season was “the happy snowman” as she calls him. One of our neighbors down the street has a big, round, inflatable snowman that has different faces that flash with lights. It has brought her so much joy! It is “sleeping” (deflated) during the day and when it inflates in the afternoon she yells “the happy snowman is awake!” and runs and tells everyone around. She even remembers him if we are somewhere else when it starts to get dark. Thankfully, he did not get taken down when Christmas was over and he is still bringing our house happiness.

ben 8 months old (4)

Before Christmas Eve had been doing a lot with hands and slapping things in front of him, but then his Great Grandma Gerry showed him how he could clap them together and he has been happily clapping ever since. He also did this thing for a while where he would quickly sniff in and out of his nose. I think he was just being silly, but I remembered that Ellery had a stage of that also and I thought that was kind of fun.

Unfortunately this past month also brought our first ever trip to the ER for little man—he’s okay now though! He had been sick around Christmas and had these really rough coughing fits. There was one night where his breathing seemed really bad and I was afraid to lay him back down to sleep after nursing him. So we called on some amazing family to come over and stay at the house with Ellery at 1 a.m. and drove over to the hospital. All in all it took much less time than I expected and he was a champ. He was diagnosed with RSV and we were able to give him breathing treatments to get better over the next week or so. We have been battling one sickness or another since Thanksgiving with one or both kids, but we are hoping to all be well soon. We’re mostly there right now.

After Ben got better, he started teething! (If it’s not one thing it’s another) But, I am super excited for the new level of cuteness that comes with little baby teeth peeking out of chubby little mouths. He is getting one of his lower front teeth, and it has made him a little grumpier than usual. He is still not a huge fan of eating solids, but does pretty well if you let him hold the spoon each time or give him puffs or something he can grab with his hands. Little dude seems to be pretty independent already.

His absolute best friend in the whole wide world is his big sister. He adores her and loves to crawl after her and laugh at her and be around her as much as possible. I expected this from the younger sibling, but what I didn’t necessarily expect is how much she adores him right back. Every day Ellery asks for him to come to her tea parties and usually doesn’t even bat an eye when he crashes into all of her plates and things that she has set up. She asks for him if he is napping and insists that he needs to play with her. The other day while she was listing off things that she wanted before naptime (she is a hoarder, I don’t know how she sleeps with all the books, animals, and toys that she has in that toddler bed with her) and she asked for Benji to sleep with. Today they were just sitting in her room making each other laugh by making faces and noises. MELT MY HEART! I really really hope that their relationship only gets stronger over the years. I know that they will fight and probably not like each other a lot of the time, but I really hope that they are forever friends. They are adorable together. Ellery will even help feed him and honestly, he eats better for her.

I can’t believe our little man is 8 months old already (which seems dangerously close to being close to a year old) and what a delightful, silly personality he has. Seriously, he just makes faces and does so many little things that make us fall in love with all over. He is currently giving me a run for my money by nursing every 3 hours (at least) around the clock and I am dearly missing my sleep. But, I wouldn’t trade a year of restful nights for my Benjamin.


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