Benjamin 6 and 7 months

Better late than never?

Benji 6 months (2)

This is my absolute favorite way to have Benji—on the changing table in just his diaper. I cannot resist his pudge and his rolls and the way he grabs his feet and sucks on them. I squish him and kiss him and tickle him and we both LOVE it.

Benji 6 months (13)

Benji 6 months old

Yes, that’s a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle outfit, and yes, it has a half-shell cape.

6 month Collage

Since I’m writing this late I’m going to do my best to remember all he was doing a month ago, but some of the details are a bit fuzzy so give me some grace.

Right around the 6 month mark, we tried giving Benji some food. I mashed up some banana and fed it to him (Ellery even helped!) and for a couple days in a row he LOVED it. Then, the next day he gave the most disgusted faces and would just spit it right back out. We have tried lots of baby food (homemade and store bought) and he is still not a fan AT. ALL. So, we will keep trying, but not pushing it. Some kids skip the baby food stage, so maybe that’ll be Ben, too.

Since he started rolling over he was also occasionally rolling onto his tummy while sleeping. Now, it is all the time. He rolls on his tummy and cuddles his little elephant and it is the cutest thing. He started pushing up a lot more on his arms while on his tummy and reaching for toys.

He started being able to sit by himself for short periods of time. And we think that we have heard an occasional “dada” in some babbling, but it is few and far between. He is very vocal, but it is mostly yelling and not sounds.

He’s really starting to gain on his stuffed dog.

7 months Ben (9)

Can you handle more cuteness?

7 month Collage

Benji 7 months old

Well, he is not far from crawling! We went to my parent’s house for Thanksgiving (which was wonderful) and spent a lot of time with their almost one year old cousins. They were crawling all around the whole time. When we got there all he could do was push up on his arms, but then he started pushing up on his toes and planking. Then he got up on his knees and started rocking. Now, he is doing all those things and starting to move his legs and arms. He is capable of all of the steps of crawling, but hasn’t been able to put them all together yet. Still, he can get a lot of places already just be rotating himself around on the ground which means he is already getting into a lot of things. Which means he is going to be into EVERTHING as soon as he figures it all out. He is also able to support himself on one arm and reach for things with the other—like the low hanging Christmas ornaments that Ellery grouped on the tree for him.

He is a champ at sitting up by himself now. He can also get himself down on his tummy from sitting most of the time in a very controlled way. He sits and rocks himself and then reaches with both hands to try to snatch things up. He is definitely doing all he can to try and keep up with his big sister. I’m pretty sure that Ellery is his favorite person and he loves to watch her. Unfortunately he also grabs for her at every chance he gets, which usually means he has a fistful of hair. And it’s not just Ellery’s hair, but mommy’s hair and daddy’s beard hair, too.

He still usually takes 3 naps a day. I have tried phasing out the evening one, but he just gets too tired and so I figure he’ll let me know when he doesn’t need it anymore. He also still gets up at least 2 or 3 times a night to nurse. We have tried a lot of things to try to help him sleep for longer periods at night, but I’m trying to accept that this might just be what he needs right now. (My theory is that maybe if he slept less during the day he’d sleep more at night, but again, he’s kind of set in the schedule he’s in right now.)

He’s still not interested in eating any kind of solid food, but he also has no sign of teeth yet. He has been blowing raspberries which he thinks is super amusing (we do too).

So this is a little blurry, but too funny not to share. Ellery always wants to get in on the fun. I’m sure that each picture could have it’s own caption contest, and they really capture their personalities right now.

ellie and benji Collage


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