Benjamin 5 Months

A little late, but here are Benji’s monthly pictures.

ben 5 months (2)

Ben 5 months old

5 month Collage

Our little porkchop is over 15 pounds now and is still as sweet as ever. He is such a friendly little guy and loves people. He certainly has started recognizing faces (even those that he doesn’t get to see very often) and LOVES hearing his name. He gives especially big smiles when you tell him that he’s handsome, which he hears a lot, because, come on, look at that face.

He can sit by himself for a pretty decent amount of time before toppling over these days. In fact, he sat in the laundry basket for his photo shoot for quite some time. He certainly loves these advances in independence. I think he is going to love it when he learns to crawl and is able to get himself to all the things that he sees and wants. Although I’m hoping we still have a while before he gets quite to that stage. He can definitely scoot though, especially on our hardwood floors. He just pushes his little self backwards further and further. He is SUCH  mover and always rolls to his belly when laid down and loves kicking and jumping and standing (with help of course). We have started putting him in his jumper and he really enjoys bouncing and swinging.

He loves his big sister and watches her a lot more to see what she’s doing throughout the day. I definitely think he’s going to do whatever he can to keep up with her as quickly as he can. He is also very sensitive to her and there have been a few times where he as seen her throw and fit and then he starts crying uncontrollably. Ellery is very much still learning how to share and take turns and we know it won’t be too long before he starts taking her toys and the like. At this point though she is still Ben’s biggest fan and loves lying next to him and talking to him.

I hear a lot of mamas talk about how their nursing babies stare into their eyes lovingly as they nurse them. Well, Ben doesn’t usually do this, but instead will lie back when he is all done and smile and giggle at me and it is adorable. It is amazing to me how much nursing seems to help him. He can go from being so upset to being absolutely calm and happy. It’s pretty awesome. I am still so thankful that I was able to pump for Ellery, but I am SO thankful that Ben and I have had such a different journey with breastfeeding.

He has discovered his feet and loves grabbing them while lying on the changing table, between that and the rolling he can make it quite a challenge. He has also started to discover his voice and does a lot of babbling and yelling these days. I am stunned by the sheer volume that this tiny little person can come up with. He has gone back to nursing several times a night especially since he was sick for about a week and a half with a cold. It is so hard to watch your kid be sick especially when they are so little and you feel helpless to make them feel better. He seems to be feeling better now so we are praying that we can stay healthy for a little while.

ben 5 months (4)

I just love those cheeks. He’s kind of a little guy, but he just has the most adorable rolls. He still loves being tickled and getting/giving kisses and getting raspberries on his tummy. You’ve just gotta watch out for him grabbing your hair or face—that boy can pinch! We love him anyway.

Also, he’s got his daddy’s eyes, and I love that. 🙂

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