Beach Bathroom Update

I have a goal to give a virtual tour of our house room-by-room showing updates and letting some people see our house that never have.

Let’s start with the bathroom! I originally showed it here, but have added a few things to make it more beachy or coastal.

Welcome to our little bathroom!

bathroom current (2)

There are no windows, so it’s going to look like the walls are different colors without the natural light, but I promise they are all a teal/aqua color. The mirror on the side used to be in our dining room, but got an update with some white paint.

bathroom current (3)

These hooks are from IKEA and not only add some fun pops of color, but work really well for hanging towels at kid’s height. That way, in the future, our kids can hang up their own towels. It’ll happen, right? And we’ve discovered they also work really well for hanging a potty seat when not in use. Just saying.

bathroom current (5)

This little nook got all of sorts of DIY updates.

bathroom current (10)

Mike built the top crate for me out of pallet wood and the bottom crate I found at a barn sale. The sand and shells in jars are from various beaches that I have been to. I still don’t have sand from Mexico though (where we went on our honeymoon and didn’t bring any back).

bathroom current (8)

He also built the mason jar tooth brush holder. Yay! I have wanted one of these for quite some time. There is an old faucet head on the bottom to hang a hand towel on. I was tired of having to reach my wet hands over the toilet to dry them and dripping on the seat. This is a perfect solution for a tight space. I made the simple “beach” sign with some driftwood from one of our NC vacations.

bathroom current (9)

This is my latest watercolor creation. I love experimenting with the paint and what I can do with it. I free handed the anchor and used watercolor pencils for the words. I also used some fabric to create my own matte. This painting is on the wall now that we added something to hang it on.

bathroom current (11)

Our pedestal sink is still here! Also makes good use of a tight space. Hubby built the step stool so that Ellery can reach the faucet.

bathroom current (12)

This is a clock that I redid by adding all of the sections with different scrapbook paper and used gold, glitter numbers.

bathroom current (1)

So, there you have it. It doesn’t stay this clean for long (the rug was in the wash—ha!) and it is usually pretty cluttered with kid’s toys and paraphernalia. But I love the little things that we added to make it fun and our own.


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