Fall Mantle for Free

Happy Fall!

First of all, is it “mantel” or “mantle”? I went back and forth with which one to use for the title, but it was mostly just eenie meenie miney moe.

Did you know that my AH-MAZING hubby built me a mantle/mantel/shelf for my birthday? Cuz he did and is one of my favorite things in our house. I went back and forth (indecisive much?) with painting it or staining it and decided on a dark stain and I am SO glad I did. Dark wood tones have really been growing on me as of late.

I didn’t really have a season or holiday to decorate for so I first just put some things on it to fill the space.

Oh, and p.s. there is an air vent on the wall right next to him. I’m trying to decide if this will bother be forever or if I’m okay with it. What do you think? There were a limited number of walls where we could put the shelf and both of them had an air vent. Should I paint it to blend in with the wall? Does it distract too much? Did you not really notice it until I pointed it out? Help me.

mantle (1)

You see how amazing it is, now don’t you? Wanna know a fun secret? The front is also a drawer that we keep our remotes in. LOVE it. Beauty and function.

Anyway, now autumn is upon us and I knew it was the perfect time to inaugurate that beautiful mantle with some decorating. Oh, and it was all for free.

fall mantel (2)

The books are Goodwill finds (from our wedding) that are wrapped in brown paper and turned around for the texture of the pages.

fall mantel (4)

The yellow lanterns I found at a barn sale a little while ago and this is the first time I have used them.

fall mantel (5)

The felt leaf garland I made last year by just cutting out several leaf shapes in autumnal colors and strung them together with some yellow yarn.

fall mantel (3)

I am especially fond of this wreath. It is made of pom poms! I was inspired by this wreath and spent a little time recently making all the pom poms, hot glued them to circle frame leftover from a clock, and hung it on an old frame with some Indian corn ribbon. I love how it kind of looks like a wreath of mums from farther away.

fall mantel (1)

I finished it off with some fake leaves I got from Michael’s several years ago. It’s amazing what you can pull together from stuff you already have.

fall mantel

Here is is on the wall with our two windows that I painted and distressed.

How are you decorating for fall?
What should I do about that vent?

Thanks for reading.

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