Benjamin 4 months

4 months old Benji (2)

4 months old

This has been a BIG month for our little guy.

4 month Collage

Most notable would probably have to be the start of rolling over. He did it from tummy to back and we were so amazed, but then a week later he did it from back to tummy and now he hasn’t stopped. Seriously ever time we put him down on his back he flips right over. He can flip again, but he usually forgets and gets mad after a while that he’s stuck on his tummy—especially at night so that’s fun. Still, we’re very proud of our little mover. Sometimes he can be quite content if he just manages to roll to his side and stay there. He is still taking around 3 naps a day and sleeping well through the night. I pretty much always make a trip(or two or three) to his room at night to either give him back his pacifier, flip him over, or feed him, but he always goes back down fairly quickly so that helps. It’s funny how your body just seems to adjust to the sleep it’s gunna get. He has also gone back and forth with wanting to be swaddled. Sometimes it’s the missing piece of the puzzle to get him to relax and fall asleep. Sometimes he WILL break out of it no matter what and doesn’t seem to want to be contained.

He has really started to discover his hands (or whatever he can find to bring up to his mouth). He likes to fold his hands and put the bottoms of his feet together. His grasp has really improved and he is grabbing toys all the time. Sometimes Ellery brings him toys (awwhhh) and sometimes she takes them from him (we’re working on it). He has also started to grab hair so I have to be ever watchful when she is near him so that he doesn’t take a chunk out. Of course when he grabs my hair it seems to always be the little ones on the back of my neck—eeek!

He will sometimes wake up happy and lay in his crib and coo and talk and slam his legs down on his mattress. He will then start to smile as soon as he hears your voice talking to him, even before he sees a face. Ellery still loves getting in his crib with him and “bouncing”. He is very ticklish and I have gotten REAL LAUGHS when I have tickled him. He also loves giving and receiving kisses and squeels with delight when thrown up in the air.

He is an expert and holding his head up and has started to sit supported. I likes sitting in a bumbo chair or even the high chair so that he can see what is going on. He’s very social and likes to be around everyone.

He did get a little cold a few weeks ago (SO hard to see your baby sick because you just feel so helpless), but he got over it quickly. He just had his 4 month dr. appointment and he is doing so well! He is 14 lbs 9 oz (28th percentile) and 25 1/4 inches (50th percentile), so he is kind of a littler guy. That kind of surprised me since he is in 6 month clothes and 9 month sleepers, but as long as he is healthy and thriving it doesn’t really matter what any of the numbers are.

4 months old Benji (4)

He’s just so darn cute and I can’t imagine him ever not being in our family.



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