Ellery Two Years Old

So I am finally ready to post Ellery’s two year update. I have been mentally preparing myself for a month… That’s not true, I’ve been putting it off until I had her stats from her two yr. appointment which I then LEFT at the doctor and had to get them when I went back for Ben’s 4 month appt. In my defense she was borderline hysterical the whole time (no shots, they just did terrible things like weigh her and listen to her heart) and I had a baby in tow, so we left pretty quickly as soon as we were able. Oh, and she was potty training and going commando so I didn’t really want her making a mess all over the floor.

ellery 2 years old photo

I wanted her standing next to the chalk board, but she wasn’t thrilled about that. Oh well.

It’s hard to believe that my little baby girl is a full fledged toddler, but it’s very true. I do think that I was a little more prepared since I had been saying “she’s almost two” for several months. So when she did actually turn 2 it seemed like it was about time. As far as her official stats go, she weighs 28.6 lbs and is 2 ft. 11.5 inches tall. This puts her at about average for weight and above average for height—she’s a tall girl! This might explain her ever-growing feet. She started the summer in size 4 shoes and now that it is (almost) fall she needs a size 7. Whaat?


(this is her “smile”)

If you know Ellery at all, then you know that she has very verbal for a long time now. One of the really fun things has been seeing her correct her own words. It’s amazing and yet a little sad because “nana” is so cute, but “banana” is correct. I did try to keep track of some of the cuter versions of words like: La luuve (love you), henyay (elephant), ducks (stuck), shashage (sausage), mucas or mooscik (music), nilk (milk), Nika (Mika our dog), marshananan (marshmallow), and lemonanan (lemonade).

outside fun in pool and slide (7)

She is now, of course, also speaking in phrases and sentences, which is amazing and also a little scary because she repeats SO MUCH of what we say. She says things like, “No barking Nika, iz jus a bunny” and “Tank you using your words” and “Listen to mommy. Listen to trees”.  One of my very favorite phrases that she strung together was “Mommy, kiss, mouth”—I don’t mind if I do. She is also kind of tricky because she knows that we usually repeat what she says to make sure we are understanding her and she will use that to her advantage. Like when we repeat when she says, “Do you want a popsicle?” and she says “okayyy”. She has also learned that if she doesn’t get what she wants the first time she asks, the second time she adds “please” haha. Actually she is pretty good at using her manners all the time and is very sweet (most of the time). She is a two year old, after all, so there is also a lot of whining and tantrums and even some hitting. I just wanna keep it real in case you thought everything was perfect over here. ; )


I am amazed at how many independent thoughts that she is now having and watching her imagination grow. She loves having tea parties and creating masterpieces with paint, markers, and crayons. She loves singing songs and listening to music. She loves putting puzzles together and is getting quite good at it, too. She has a chair that spins in her room and she would seriously sit and be spun all day if we would only push her all day. She will sometimes say “Ellery tired” and grab her blanket and some of stuffed animals and lie down in a bed or on the couch or in a laundry basket. Never to actually sleep, mind you, just pretend.

pb girl3

She is still the sweetest big sister to Benji and asks to hold him more and more. Of course she doesn’t want help, but of course she pushes him away the second she feels like she is done, so there is a lot of supervision happening. We did start potty training a few weeks after she turned two and after one of the hardest weeks of parenting so far, I think it’s safe to say she “gets” it. There will of course be accidents and maybe even regression in the future, but she has been a champ and once we got rid of diapers that first day we haven’t gone back. (I’d love to share more details if you’re interested, but I know not everyone wants to hear them).


(a little blurry, but a lot adorable)

I’m sure there’s a lot that I’m forgetting since she learns something new every day, but we are just so proud of our girl and thankful that we get to be her mommy and daddy. She loves people, loves learning, and is such a good helper. She has even started helping me make dinner. Recently there was a lot of talk of kids going back to school and I didn’t sweat it because I knew I still have a couple years. But then she went to Sunday School for the first time this past Sunday and was such a big girl and this mama heart could barely handle it.

We love you, Elle. We’re so proud of you!


3 thoughts on “Ellery Two Years Old

  1. Shanna says:

    sigh. She is getting so big. Wish we lived closer. I had my brother’s oldest, Aria, baking with me by the time she was 2… Had her own scraper, measuring spoons etc. She learned how to crack eggs and use the stand mixer. Got to wear one of my aprons… Does Elliery like to bake?

  2. haha. I like Elliery. She LOVES to bake and I am surprised at how much she able to do without making too big of a mess. There’s a mess, but it’s manageable. We don’t use aprons, but that would be fun! How did you teach her to crack the egg? That is something she desperately wants to do, but I don’t know how I could teach her at this age without getting lots of egg shell in with it. Reeeeeally wish we were closer, too. We will be at mom and dad’s for Thanksgiving, and Matthew said he might be able to take some time off then too since we’ll be there the whole week. Make sure he remembers! lol We really want to see everyone and spend some good time with family.

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