Benjamin 2 Months

Remember when Ben turned 2 months…almost a month ago?

ben two months (9)

Ben 2 months old

2 month Collage

So I love the laundry basket charting idea, but a) he is already getting big for it and b) we bought a brand new one and the edges are a little sharp still so I have to put a blanket in with him so he doesn’t get hurt. We’ll see how long I can squeeze him in there.

At his 2 month appointment he was 13 lbs. even and 23 3/4 inches long. He got some of his first shots and was NOT very happy and did NOT want to nurse after, but he did calm down with his pacifier. He loves that thing—a little too much. He spits it out during the night and seems to need it to settle himself back down in the wee hours. So, some of my nightly trips to his room are just to give it back to him.

We love giving him all sorts of nicknames. He is commonly called Ben, Benny, Benji, Benny Boo Boo, Brother, Baby—pretty much anything that starts with a “b” I guess. He started giving real smiles at about 4 weeks and he has not stopped. He loves looking at faces (even his own) and smiling and cooing. I love all of the little noises he makes!

He is a very content baby and mostly only cries when he is hungry, sleepy, or needs his pacifier. We even took him to a movie with us a few weeks ago and he did great! He loves his swing and going for walks. He still sleeps a good deal during the day and has a few nighttime feedings. At about two months I started putting him in his crib for his first long stretch of the night and he seems to do pretty well with this.

Also, it is very difficult to get pictures of Ben without Ellery being involved. lol.

ben ellery 2 month Collage

Ellery is still loving her little brother and regularly gives him kisses and worries when he’s not around. She has learned how to give him his pacifier the right way and says “pacifier Ben” so much that we think it’s her nickname for him. I love how she says his name too, “Ben-ja-MIIIIIN”. We are so blessed. I’ll be back soon with a 3 month update. Where does the time go??

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