Gray and Chevron Dresser

We have have been working on several projects for baby B’s room.  A little while ago I asked for your thoughts on how to redo his dresser and I got a lot of awesome feedback—thank you! I decided to go with a dark gray paint (we had it on hand from other parts of our house) and line the fronts of the dresser with the chevron fabric I had picked up on clearance.

gray dresser pic

Here it is in all it’s before glory.
(P.S. we were given this dresser for FREE by some friends when they were moving and didn’t want to lug it with them. So that makes the cost for this whole project pretty amazing. Also, thank you friends!)

gray and chevron dresser (2)

The top was laminate, but the sides and front were all wood, so I gave the whole thing a light sanding using an orbital sander and an oscillating tool with a sanding head for the details (like inside the drawer fronts).

gray and chevron dresser (4)

Then I primed everything.
And yes, I did all of this inside because do you KNOW how cold it has been this winter?? Thankfully old sheets do a great job of catching any drips.

gray and chevron dresser (6)

I went back and made sure to give an extra coat of white to the recessed parts of the drawers so that if anything were to show through the fabric it would just be a solid white.

gray and chevron dresser (5)

Then I gave the dresser frame and the drawers (except the recessed parts) two coats of the dark gray, but apparently didn’t take pictures of that part of the process. We have this color in parts of living and dining rooms and I love how DIFFERENT the color looks in a different setting. I think the lightness of the white, gray, and blue stripes bring out a much bluer gray on the dresser.

Next, came the tricky part. I created two templates that fit inside the drawers so I would know what size to cut my fabric. When I first started tracing I was frustrated because I couldn’t seem to get a straight line with the fabric. Then I realized that the chevron pattern did NOT go straight across, but rather slanted a little. So, I just cut straight lines and let the pattern do its thing.

gray and chevron dresser (7)

I also didn’t take pictures of me fitting the fabric inside the drawers, because, let’s face it, I was fitting the fabric inside the drawers. This was definitely the hardest (and most frustrating) part of the whole process. I used an even layer of ModPodge and started from the middle of the drawer out to try to avoid bubbles and creases as much as possible.

Let me be honest with you, it’s not perfect. I think ModPodge is as frustrating as it is helpful, because I never used it for a project that I didn’t have some bubbles in. Despite working quickly and using a credit card to smooth it all out. But, overall I love how it turned out and I don’t think you notice the imperfections unless you look for them. So I, for one, decided just to choose not to look for them.

I also covered the fabric with a layer of ModPodge to seal it and keep the fabric from fraying or coming up. Ready to see it??

Gray Dresser Collage

And some “after” glory.

gray dresser pic


gray dresser pic2

Stay tuned for more projects for our little man’s space.
Thanks for being here.


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