Ellery Update: 18 Months

Our little girl is 18 months old. That’s a year and half, folks. That’s cray cray.

18 month Collage

In other news, Happy Valentine’s Day.

I kind of LOVE that Ellery’s half birthday is on Valentine’s Day. It will certainly make it easier to remember a half birthday and I hope to always make the day a little extra special for her.

I know I keep saying this, but I can’t believe how much of a little kid she is becoming. I started trying to keep track of all of her new words, but she has at least one a day and it’s getting hard to remember them all. Some of her new words include: Elmo, build, hat, hooray, amen, elbow, two, hippo, giraffe, blue, cookie, elbow, and mouth. She is getting better and better at saying names, some especially well pronounce are Parker, Erika, and Wendy ( you know who you lucky ones are). She also picks up on words that I apparently say often like: um, so, okay, oh dear, oh man, oh boy, uh oh, etc. And she even attempts words that are a little beyond her like “cookie monster” and “crocodile” and it’s adorable.

Ellery is getting better and better at communicating her wants/needs and even throwing fits when she doesn’t get her way (shocker). She still loves reading books and playing with water. We have started doing some other sensory play including with beans and pom poms. She is very strong and enjoys testing the limits of couches, chairs, and anything else she can try to climb on. She has even held herself up on a bar for a few seconds.

She loves to be affectionate and gives hugs, kisses and beeps on the nose. We still like to cuddle together in the mornings, but I think maybe, just maybe, we have weaned her off of bottles! We are on day 2 of no bottle days. To me, it is a huge success since I didn’t think we were every going to get her to give them up (and not be grumpy about it). We have had a little trouble with naps about once a week or so with days that she refuses. She almost always still needs the nap and has even fallen asleep on the couch with me. It’s not my first choice as far as sleeping habits and getting things done, but I LOVE the sweet cuddles. There is nothing like having your baby sleep on you and I know that we are quickly drawing near to the time where it will be much harder to have such one on one time with Ellery, so I’m trying to soak it all up.

Oh, she has 3 new teeth! She has been working on her molars for quite some time and I checked the other day and 3 had popped through! She is still working on one more right now, but seems much happier to not be teething so much. That brings her total teeth to 11.

I have really been enjoying our days together as she grows into such a little person able to do more and more things. I really think she is the cutest, smartest, best little girl, but I am a little biased. hehe.


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