Baby Boy’s Striped Nursery Update

Yesterday, I showed how we repainted the stripes in baby b’s room.
Check that out here.

Now I want to show you a few more pictures and some projects I’ve done.

b's room before and after (6)

Since there still are multiple colors on the walls, I want to try to use a lot of the same colors to tie everything together.

Somewhere in the room we want to use our amazing growth chart given to us by my bestie. She hand makes them with her hubby. She’d be glad to hook you up if you live in or near NY.
(Shameless plug over)

b's room before and after (7)

I made this jungle animal garland by cutting out scrapbook paper with my Silhouette and stringing it with mini clothespins on some gray yarn. I would like to use the jungle animal shapes somewhere else in the room as well, but I’m still figure out the specifics. At the very least there will be elephants because I think this is an elephant sort of room.

b's room before and after (8)

The toddler bed will of course go in Ellery’s room and we will move the crib in here. But for now Elle enjoys playing on it and has already gotten very good at getting on and off of it. We figured it was a good first step for transitioning from crib to bed.

b's room before and after (9)

And THIS is the amazing rocking elephant that Mike’s dad made Ellery for Christmas. We could not love it more.

b's room before and after (10)

He built it AND painted it himself.

b's room before and after (11)

In fact, we love it so much that Mike and I would like to try to make some of these puppies ourselves if anyone would be interested in the end product. He has the plans for either a rocking horse or rocking elephant and we could paint custom colors. Any interested parties should contact me. 😉

b's room before and after (12)

This is the cloud mobile that I made from this tutorial. I used my own cloud shape and cut it out on the Silhouette to save loads of time.

b's room before and after (14)

I used mostly white clouds, but threw in some blue and gray ones as well.

b's room before and after (13)

The headboard shelf still works very well in this room and I’m excited for the extra storage it will provide. This is also the dresser that we will be using for out little man, but I’m struggling with what exactly to do with it.

b's room before and after (16)

That’s where you come in.

I like the contrast of the wood, but this dresser has seen better days and has some scratches and things. I would love to do something like this.

If you’re going to pin this one, please do so from the original site.

This whole nursery is darling, you should check it out. She used chevron fabric on the front recessed parts of the drawers.

b's room before and after (17)

I think if I did paint it, I would love to highlight those recessed portions, and I have the chevron fabric below that I think would work wonderfully. The question is do I paint it white? Or would it look better with the same light gray of the walls or perhaps a darker gray? I need your thoughts and opinions!!!

(The picture on the left is a cross stitch that the hubby’s great grandparents gave to him when he was born. What an amazing thing to be able to pass down.)

b's room before and after (18)

This is also some artwork that will hang on the wall somewhere. See, I told you, more elephants. And more clouds, they are kind of an underlying theme as well. And, if you’re really observant you’ll notice what we’re thinking of naming baby boy. Calling him baby b stands for baby BOY and Benjamin.

b's room before and after (1)

The name print can be found here and is FREE and customizable.
The “I’ll love you forever” print is also free and can be found here.

Thanks for being here! And please, puh-lease, let me know what you think about the dresser. I need feedback.

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5 thoughts on “Baby Boy’s Striped Nursery Update

  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE everything so far! Definitely like the idea of the material in the recessed parts of the dresser. As for color. . . white would give it contrast from the walls, but may make it stick out too much. Plus, there is white in the fabric. I kinda like the dark gray. Be sharp with the fabric and not make the dresser be the focal point of the room.

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