Baby Boy’s Striped Nursery

I alluded to this in my last post, but we have already done quite a bit in the nursery for baby boy (see previous craft room) and have other fun plans in the works.

But first, a little back story for those that don’t know…

We have two bedrooms on our main floor (our bedroom is the upstairs), one is Ellery’s room and the other used to be my craft room. When we were making paint choices for the room I wanted to have a pattern of three horizontal stripes in bright colors. I ended up choosing three VERY bright colors based partially on colors we already had.

The end result? A crazy bright room with stripes that took FOREVER and a day to do. But I loved how they looked and got so much inspiration from creating in such a cheery room.

craftroom Collage

When we found out in December that we were having a boy this time we were faced with some decisions. Did we switch Ellery to the craft room and put baby b in her room which was blue? Seemed reasonable, but I didn’t know how keen a 1 1/2 year old would be on all of a sudden switching rooms. She was already going to be going through a lot of transitions, I didn’t want to complicate that if I didn’t have to. PLUS I was ready for a change from the stripes anyway. But the stripes took soooo much time and energy to do that I couldn’t bear the thought of just painting over them. And if we did, what color?

I won’t take you through all of the ins and outs of our decision, but what we ultimately decided was to keep the blue stripe, paint the pink stripe the same gray as our living room/dining room, and paint the yellow stripe the same white that we’ve used on all the molding/doors in our house. Consequently we needed to repaint the molding in that room anyway, so it was a bit easier to do it all at once.

b room Collage

I la la love how fresh and calm it feels in there now. It is perfect for our little man.

Let’s walk through a bit of the process, shall we?
Here’s what we started with again.

b's room before (2) 
The lines were all there on the wall already, which meant no measuring this time which saved a HUGE chunk of time. I taped off the pink stripes first, making sure to leave a little bit of the blue showing so that there would be no pink hiding underneath the tape. Then I painted the blue over the tape (on just the top of the pink stripe) so that if there was any seepage it would be blue and not gray to ensure crisp lines. Then I primed with some white on top of all of the pink. Finally, I painted gray over that. And it only took 2 coats!

Already a huge difference without the pink.

b's room before and after (3)

Then I repeated the steps for painting over the yellow. Tape, paint over tape with the blue AND gray, prime, and paint with white. Again, we also painted the baseboards, doors, and molding the same white since they were in need of touch-ups. OH! And the closet! The closet was the original sage green that the room AND THE CEILING were painted when we moved in. We (by “we” I mean the hubs, he took one for the team and painted the closet for me since it was too much to be in a small space with fumes like that) painted the closet white and called it good.

b's room before and after (4)

The lines came out so crisp and clean it was absolutely worth the little bit of extra work painting over the tape.

b's room before and after (5)

It feels like a completely different room.

b room Collage

I want to show you a few more pictures and a few projects I’ve been working on for this room, but I fear that if I add all that to one post this will be way too long. So I’m going to make you wait till tomorrow. That includes the super adorable rocking elephant you see. Another of Ellery’s wonderful homemade Christmas presents.

What do you think about the new colors? Hubby admitted that the previous colors were not really his favorite, but that’s not super surprising considering he’s a man. haha. Plus, that just makes him a champ for letting me do my own thing even when he didn’t like it and helped A TON the with painting those crazy stripes in the first place.

In case you’re wondering, my craft room got moved to the basement where it is now my craft-space-in-progress. The whole basement is in progress, really, so when we have new walls and floor and all that I will show you pictures. For now it is a usable (albeit cold and not quite as inspirational) space where I can store all my stuff.

Also, if you were wondering about paint colors the blue is Atlantic Dawn, the white is Ultra White (Point Pleasant), and the gray is  Empire State, all by Dutch Boy. We love Dutch Boy paints. They should hire me to talk about how great I think their paint is. It covers super well and they have some great colors. I’ll be anxious to hear from you, Dutch Boy.


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