There Was An Old Woman Named Helen

We received some amazing homemade gifts at Christmas this year, which are some of my favorite things. We were very blessed by all of the gifts our family received, but Ellery especially was given some homemade ones that we will treasure for years.

Among these was an old woman named Helen. You may know her better as the old woman who swallowed a fly. My mom handmade (with help from her good friend, Helen) the old woman and all of the animals to go with the story.

old lady helen (2)
Call us morbid, but we prefer the version of the story that has her dying after eating the horse. We think that it’s a valuable lesson to teach our children that it’s a bit gluttonous to eat 8 animals whole and that if you do so in one sitting you’re probably not going to make it.

old lady helen (3)

Her mouth is open and her stomach is spacious, so that as you read the story you can actually let Helen swallow each animal.

She swallowed the bird to catch the spider to catch the fly…

old lady helen (6)

She swallowed the dog to catch the cat…

old lady helen (7)

She swallowed the horse to catch the cow to catch the goat…

old lady helen (9)

It was a little too difficult to get a picture of us reading the book together and putting the animals in, but Ellery enjoys reading it by herself, too. She really loves putting the animals in and out of her mouth.

old lady helen (8)

And yes, this is also a sneak peak of the new baby’s room. As you may have observed,the walls look VERY different. I will be posting about our progress in that room very soon. I have some big plans and am very proud of what we’ve already accomplished.

So, THANK YOU Grandma for such a sweet gift! As I write this you are blissfully unaware of the fact that tragedy struck the other night and Mika (the dog) decided to tear into the cat and pull out some stuffing. Thankfully I was able to rescue her before any irreparable damage was done and she should be fixed soon. Don’t be too mad at the dog. It was a cat after all, and this is the first toy of Ellery’s that she has ever touched.

Anyway, thanks for reading!


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