Painted Pantry Cabinet

Not only am I working on several new projects, but I have a few things that I need to catch up on posting about. Exciting times.

A little while back I painted the cabinet we use as our pantry. It was just laminate made to look like wood so I felt free to change it up and experiment a little. I love the color we painted our front door and shutters, Fairmont Penthouse Mosaic Blue, and especially loved all of the different hues that showed with just one coat. I decided to try painting just one coat on the cabinet and leave it looking unfinished, but in all its blue-hued glory.

Here it is before.

pantry redo (2)

See? No one was gunna miss the way this looked. It was an eyesore. Really.
I emptied the cabinet with a little help from my little sweetie.

pantry redo (4)

I didn’t take pictures of the process since it was pretty basic: sand ‘er down, prime, and paint with one coat of the blue.

pantry remake (6)

pantry remake (8)

I also replaced with handles with some AH-MAZING ones I found at Hobby Lobby. They were $9 each, but were 50% off and I had a gift car, so it was an easy splurge.
Ellery did try to eat them in the store, but they are pretty much out of range now, so we’re good.

pantry remake (4)

It’s probably not a look that works for everyone, but I really like the pop of color and dimension that it adds.

Here it is all filled up.

pantry remake (1)

Thankful for small improvements, the ability to create and experiment,and the blessing of having a full pantry.

And thank YOU for taking the time to read!


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