Welcome 2014

Figured this was a good time to update the ol’ blog and throw in some random pictures. I have not been very faithful, but I am hoping to improve (at least slightly) in this next year. I just need to take advantage of the time when I have it. Now, for instance, I am sitting on a chair in the kitchen right next to Ellery sitting playing with water in the sink. We may be here for hours. This girl LOVES playing in water. Bath times are never long enough, and put her in the sink with some water in the adjacent tub and she is golden.

This is when she had been quiet for a little too long and I found her with the toilet paper unrolled on the floor and all over herself. I ran for the camera.


She will be 17 months in about 2 weeks, which is dangerously close to being a one and a half year old. (Sidebar ** She just dumped a full cup of water on herself with no reaction.**) I am amazed nearly ever day at what a KID she is becoming. She has started trying to put puzzles back together by matching. She will play with individual toys and make them “walk”or interact with one another. I can practically see her imagination growing and broadening. This morning she put about eight of my bracelets on her arm and walked around with them. My baby girl is playing dress up! She also gives the best hugs and kisses, talks all the time (babbling and a growing vocabulary—especially “no”), and loves being chased or playing hide and seek. Probably her all time favorite thing is exploring whether it’s a new house, new drawer, etc.


I am about 22 weeks pregnant with her baby brother now. He likes to make his presence known by moving all the time. I remember Ellery being very active in the womb, but I think he may have her beat. He seems to be doing aerobics all time in there. I’m glad to be past the halfway point, but growing a baby sure does take a long time. In the past month my baby bump has gotten significantly bigger and my belly button is even starting to invert itself again. Oh well, at least I know it will go back.

Looks like she’s still got a little spaghetti sauce on her face from lunch, but you’ve gotta love that smile.


I went back through my resolutions/goals from last year and I’ve got to say, they were good goals and I did not accomplish that many. Whoops. Still, 2013 was a very good year and there was a lot in it that I am proud of. I like the idea of choosing a word as a theme for the year (while still continuing to grow and accomplish my own goals).

Christmas dress
It was the first time we put her in it and she barely fit. Growing TOO fast.


My word for 2014 is REACH.

I want to expand my reach to the people around me. Get to know people better. Get to know new people. Step out of my comfort zone, a lot.


I would also like to:

Read more. Take time to read Bible every day.

Create baby boy’s nursery.

Complete walls and ceiling of basement.

Blog once a week.

Plan out meals for week.


I have more goals swirling around my head and some that are obvious, but I feel like these are attainable.

She loves going around without pants. This is the front of her hair that day…


And this is the back. Love this girl.



2 thoughts on “Welcome 2014

  1. Dana says:

    I have such a huge smile on my face as I read your blog and learn about adorable Ellery and your happy life together! I think E and Asher would get along quite well, as he’s into the very same things (tho he’s not real good at sharing yet :S). We hope to get to CF in the spring and would love to see you guys!!

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