Our Growing Peanut

So…long time no post. Oh well. I think the sooner I accept that I will blog when I can and that’s good enough the better.

Can I brag on my little girl a little?

I know I’m the proud biased momma, but we have one smart cookie for a daughter. I have been loving this stage of discovery and experimentation.  Ellery is still working on walking consistently, but she has been practicing more and more. For a while she would only walk short distances if it was between two people. But lately she has just been standing up and walking on her own. She especially loves walking around and chasing the dog. She is also still climbing up, under, and around everything she can. She can pull herself up on one of the living room chairs, but desperately wants to be able to pull herself up on the other chair and couch. I’m glad she can’t still because although she is sometimes aware of the edge and can get herself down very well, she is still very rambunctious and throws herself around. She is very adept at using her push walker to get around (and chase the dog).

Ellery is very interested in learning new words and sounds, and let me tell you, she is a talker! She has her own little language that she babbles in, but some of her favorite words are “mama,” “dada,” “hi,” “nana (banana),” “baby,” “ta-da (daah),” and “wow.” She also has done really well with animal sounds. She can do a dog, cat (she licks her tongue and makes an “mm” sound), cow, sheep, horse, snake, monkey, elephant (she raises her arm for the trunk), tiger, owl, bird, rhinoceros (she snorts her nose), and fox (she kind of does a “ding ding” sound and then laughs). She even can identify the animals just by looking at a picture (or seeing one in real life).

She is also very intent on figuring out how the world around her works. She loves to open and close containers, stack things, fit shapes in the corresponding holes, flip light switches, open drawers, etc. The other night I was watching her play with some foam blocks and she would fit the circular block in the hole and then pull it back out over and over.

We have finally seemed to work out an agreeable schedule again (on most days), not that daylight savings helped at all. She takes a nap after lunch which is anywhere from 40 minutes to 2 hours, but usually is around an hour. She loves to keep books in her crib so that she can look at them before she lays down and when she wakes up. She also likes to snuggle her stuffed animals.    


2 thoughts on “Our Growing Peanut

  1. Dana says:

    so she’s just taking 1 nap a day now? asher’s finally down to 1 nap, and i’m struggling to accept that it’s only 1-2 hrs long (rarely 2…usually closer to 1). i had this expectation that when they drop the morning nap that the afternoon one would double! wrong 😦 so much to do… so much less time.

  2. Yeah, I thought that too. I think for some kids it does make the one nap longer, but obviously every kid varies. We went from 3-4 hours of naps a day to 1-2 hours a day, which I think is hardest on mom. haha. I always feel like I should rest while she is napping these days, so I don’t feel like I have any time until Mike gets home.

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