Recent Happenings and Big News

So, I haven’t blogged in a while. Sorry.

Let’s blame it on being pregnant with baby#2 and being very ‘morning sick’ while our firstborn child decided to transition from 2 naps to 1 which for a long while meant no sleeping unless she fell asleep in the car for half an hour.

That was a not so subtle way to let you know (if you don’t know already) that, yes, we’re having another baby! Due date is sometime around the end of April, but I’m just gunna go ahead and plan on May since Ellery was overdue.

I do NOT remember feeling this sick the first time around. I mean, I was still working full time, how did I do it?? I am around 10 weeks, so I am hoping that as the first trimester draws to a close soon that I will also start feeling better. I do plan on blogging some more and hopefully making things again, I have really been missing creating, but have lacked the time and energy to do most non-necessary things lately. Plus, Ellery only takes one nap now and I have been taking all the rest I can get, so that leaves no time during the day.

A friend of mine is doing a “Capturing October” photo challenge where you take a photo a day. I am already behind, but I have been taking pictures, just not posting them. Today is catch up and then hopefully I will be able to post regularly. Fingers crossed.

October 1st: Silly

Ellery day to day (3)

Ellery loves climbing in, under, and on things lately. Here she pulled the toys off the bottom shelf so she could crawl in.

October 2nd: Afternoon

Ellery day to day (6) 
Common theme, I know. But this is the stage we’re in right now. I was amazed that she got herself up there, so I made sure she was safe as a I quickly grabbed the camera.

October 3rd: the Everyday

Ellery day to day (1)

I know someday I will miss little puzzle pieces everywhere and blocks and stuffed animals scattered on the floor. This has become “Ellery’s corner” because as soon as you start to even think about cleaning it up, she dumps out another puzzle or pulls more books of the shelf. She likes it this way.

Today’s picture still to come….


capturingoctober copy


3 thoughts on “Recent Happenings and Big News

  1. Dana says:

    Asher’s transitioning to one nap right now… Ugh!! Lately he’s been getting about one, one hour nap each day and needing an early bedtime. What’s E do for her nap now? Any insight/advice?!

  2. Oh Dana..we had such a hard couple of weeks. She used to get up in the morning, wait 2-3 hours, be tired, take an hour-ish nap, stay up another 3 hours, take a nap, and be good till bedtime. Then, she started refusing ANY naps. She did not seem tired and would literally stay up the whole day if I let her. At first, the only way we could get even a little sleep out of her would be to drive around in the car for a little while, otherwise she would just scream in her crib. So, I let her stay up until she started acting tired (sometimes not till the afternoon) and then I would lay her down and set a timer. She still complained, but most days she would give in and fall asleep. She is still crying when laid down for naps and even bedtime (both are unusual for her) but she usually takes a late morning or early afternoon nap now (1-2 hours) and then is good for the day. If she is cranky in the evening we might take her for a drive just to fit in a cat nap or put her down early. I tried everything while we were transitioning, but she will rarely lie down with me on a couch or bed, she just tries to play. I think she just needed a lot more wake time before being tired enough to actually sleep. She doesn’t like her crib right now I guess EXCEPT for when she wakes up and will happily play in it for a long time. Silly girl. Hope that helps a little. It’s a hard transition and one that I felt like happened WAY early. But who knows, she may change it up again.

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