DIY Indoor Barn Quilt Wall Art

Remember when I gave you a sneak peak on Instagram of what I was working on and then never showed you the revealed project? Whoops.

sneak peak 

Well, it’s been done and on the wall for a while now, I just haven’t found the time to write about it.

wood quilt labeled
Here’s what I did:

wood quilt Collage

But I’ll give you a few more details, too.

I started this right after Mike and my wonderful father-in-law added trellis to the top of our fence so that the dog couldn’t jump over it anymore. They cut several pieces of the lattice which left several small pieces that were the same shape.


I said I thought they looked like pieces of a quilt and my wonderful mother-in-law encouraged me to follow through with the idea.


I played around with several different patterns until I found one I really liked. I used some discarded fence boards to make a background for the “quilt”. I simply cut four boards to size (with a circular saw and miter impressed!).

wood quilt (4)

Then, screwed two smaller boards across the back to hold them all together. They weren’t quite straight, but I wasn’t going for a perfect look anyway.

wood quilt (5)

I discovered I had 48 pieces total and so I spray painted them with 8 different colors.


Then, all I had to do was piece together the pattern I wanted by placing each diamond on the boards with wood glue. I tried to alternate the colors and use up as much of the space as I could. And the finished product…

wood quilt labeled


I love the pop of color it adds to the room, not to mention great texture. The beauty of this was that it cost zero dollars since it was all leftover wood (and spray paint). It could be made with whatever design and whatever colors.


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