Weekly Happenings

We are loving having a one year old. She is very much at that transitional period where she’s not really a baby, but she’s not really a toddler, so I decided she’s a munchkin. That’s the intermediate phase—munchkin.

Elle (3)

Well, the munchkin is spreading her wings a little bit and trying to discover all the things that she is capable of. She has been experimenting, a little, with standing by herself on the floor and is really proud of herself when she does. She stands for a little while and then sits herself down, she could probably stand a lot longer if she let herself. But we are proud of her for trying. She has started climbing on and in things a bit more. She figured out how to climb into our ottoman all by herself (it has a lid and space to hold stuff inside, right now it houses foam blocks) and does a decent job at trying to get out of it too. She even climbed on top of a cardboard box I was filling with too-small-items the other day and tried to stand up on it. I definitely have mixed feelings on how much to encourage/discourage this. On the one hand, she is learning how to do things on her own and strengthen those muscles, on the other hand, she’s climbing on top of things and if we’re not right there it’s not too safe. My guess is, she’s going to climb no matter what we do, so we just have to make sure her environment is safe and we keep a good eye on her.

Elle (4)

Ellery really likes making strides in being more independent and loves when we let her try to use a spoon now. She gets yogurt just about everywhere, but she has really taken to the concept of ‘you put the spoon in the food, then in your mouth’. We just usually have bathtime immediately after. She even tries to do this with blowing bubbles now, by trying to put the wand in the bubbles and then bring it to her mouth. So far, there is more trying to eat the wand then blow in it, so we’ll work on that. She also has started trying to go down stairs by herself, but turning around and slowly bringing her legs to the stair below her. **We are always with her on the stairs and have the appropriate gates and things.** She can do this very well, but sometimes she gives up and just grabs us to bring her down the rest of the way.

One of my favorite things that she does right now is read books. She has started to love books. She sits herself down, pulls one to her lap, and flips through all the pages. She has less patience for actually stopping to listen to the words on the page, but I love how content she is to sit and look at them. Especially since she is usually so active, i love when she sits on my lap and we read. She also loves peek-a-boo and awards giggles to those that play with her. She is even able to “hide” herself and will do this under blankets, behind toys, or peeking around corners.

books (4)

She is also coming to a stage where she likes to help. Which is so nice, and also a bit challenging. I have quickly learned that folding laundry or loading the dishwasher no longer works if she is close by. If, however, I would like clothes taken out of a basket one by one, piles knocked over, or dirty dishes taken back out of the dishwasher, then she is my girl! I have let her help unload the clean dishes and she pulls each dish out and hands them to me. She likes handing us things all the time, in fact, and this has been great with all the fuzz and dog hair that she finds on the floor. Mika is still shedding big clumps of fur (maybe this will stop when she has her winter coat) and Ellery will crawl around, find one, and hold it out to us to take it. SUPER helpful that she no longer tries to put it in her mouth.

Mike went back to school this week, so we have been adjusting to days with just the two of us again. The transition has been surprisingly smooth, I was expecting fits because her daddy was not there, but by the time the end of the school day rolls around we are BOTH ready for daddy to be home.


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