Back to School Mantle

I had the creative itch the other day so I decided to switch up our “mantle”. I also realized that I don’t think I have ever shown have I updated our china cabinet. It used to have these glass panels in the cupboard doors that had some roses etched in them and they were…not my style. So, we took out the glass and stapled some chicken wire to the back of the doors instead. I LOVE the difference it makes.

back to school mantle (7)

And here is the mantle.
I had a little help from the math teacher hubby with the words for the blocks.

back to school mantle (3)

The ABC cards are free printables from The Handmade Home. The “pears” are light bulbs that I wrapped in twine and added a stick for the stem (love the result, but such a time consuming process).

back to school mantle Collage

School start back for us on Tuesday. We will miss having daddy around.


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