Improve Curb Appeal: Pt. 3—DIY Shutters

In case you missed them, here is part one and part two of improving curb appeal.

This time, we built our own shutters. I’m not going to bother with a tutorial because others have done a much better job like East Coast Creative here. So this will be a mostly picture intensive post, but you can see the dramatic difference that adding shutters makes to a house.

We used 5 foot fence posts that we cut down to the size of our windows (we took about an inch off the top and bottom so that the top was only slightly rounded). After planing the wood, we screwed the cross pieces of wood into the four fence posts.

shutters (2)

shutters (3)

I painted them Fairmont Penthouse Mosaic Blue to match the door. I “primed” the door with some cheap white paint and then it took about 3 coats of the blue.

This is the house before.

shutters (5)

I had my strong, handy hubby put them up on the house.


And after. We LOVE the difference it makes for our house. Takes some time and effort, but only cost us around $30 to make all four shutters.

shutters (8)

I think it also helps to highlight the blue door a little more.

shutters (7)

And it certainly improves the curb appeal.

shutters (6)

Next up? The pillars on the front porch could really use a new paint job, the porch is bare and needs some accessories, and I would love to do something a little more fun with the porch light.

Thanks for reading!


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