Ellery 51 Weeks Old


You might not be able to handle the cuteness this week. We tried pigtails again and this time I was able to leave them in for about half the day.

51 week Collage

And I couldn’t help but include all the pictures. Especially since she stayed a little more still for me this week by slouching further and further down in the chair.

She does this thing when she gets excited (top right picture) where she kicks her legs wildly. She waves her arms around too, but you know she’s really excited when her legs start going. There has also been a lot of her tongue sticking out and raspberries being blown this week. She kind of rediscovered how much fun it is to blow raspberries/spit all the time. And since she seems to be drooling all the time now, they are quite watery.

Speaking of drooling, Ellery got another tooth. We kind of just discovered it one day. Haha. Which makes 6 teeth total—3 on top and 3 on the bottom. Besides the four middle ones, both the other teeth are on her left side (right side when you’re looking at her). She has seemed pretty happy, so if she’s working on any more right now they don’t seem to be bothering her. She also likes to put her pointer finger in her mouth a lot now, and tries to put her hands in other people’s mouths also. She is somewhat fascinated with mouths right now.

She has started to share a lot. She like to share food, toys, and even harmonicas. (Let me tell you, that is true love, sharing a harmonica with your drooling infant daughter.) She LOVES to play the harmonica and, dare I say it, is actually getting good at it. Don’t get me wrong, she hasn’t started playing Twinkle Twinkle or anything, but she is able to move the harmonica in her mouth to play different notes and does this for a while. She just breathes in and out, but she loves the noise it makes.

She has started pointing. At. Everything. I think this is really fun and I’ve heard it’s also a good sign that they can focus. She points at people, the dog, toys, objects, everything. We have started to try to tell her what each thing is that she is pointing to so hopefully she can start to grasp the names for things. We think she says dog (dah) and dogs soft little noises for “woof woof”. But, she does the same noises when she sees any animal, so we’ll have to work on it.

She continues to experiment with standing on her own while on the couch. She loves pulling herself up, balancing, and then throwing her arms in the air as she stands. Of course, she loves the cheering and affirmation we give her and she claps right along with us. Just today though, I have seen her let go and stand while on the ground several times. I think she is beginning to realize how capable she is and has fun playing around with what she can do. My guess is that walking is still a little ways away though. We are so proud of our (almost) one year old.

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