DIY Footboard to Chalkboard

You know what makes for a fun starting point for a DIY project?
Old head and foot boards.

I first discovered this with our old headboard that we cut up, painted, and made into a shelf for my craft room. Here it is a little while ago with all sorts of craft supplies.

more headboard (3)

We inherited an old footboard from our old apartment (it was there when we moved in, so we took it with us when we moved out). I had no idea what I was actually going to do with it, but my long-suffering husband didn’t let that bother him as we moved it to our new house…and let it sit in the basement for 2 years.

Well, earlier in the summer we participated in a multi family garage sale and I knew that was the perfect opportunity to give this footboard new life!

footboard Collage

Here it is in all it’s “before” glory. And *whistle whistle* look at those sexy calves! (It’s hard to a cat call in writing…)

footboard to chalkboard (2)

I sanded ‘er down as best I could, and got to painting. I’m not sure what color this is. It’s kind of a warm, beige-y gray, but I’m a fan. We bought it a long time as some discounted “oops” paint and this was the first time I have used it. I used to get really excited if there was a color I might like in the clearance section and buy it, just to have it sit in the basement. Yet, another way my husband has proved himself long suffering.

This is the “front” of the footboard that would face out when attached to a bed frame. I had plans for the other, flat side.

footboard to chalkboard (4)

I taped off my newly painted areas so that I could spray paint some chalkboard paint on the flat surface. After the paint was all dry I distressed a little with a sander.

footboard to chalkboard (6)

I love that there is chalkboard spray paint. How awesome is that. I gave it 2 coats and let it completely dry over night.

footboard to chalkboard

Then I followed instructions and lightly rubbed some chalk over the whole surface. This helps to prevent the previous thing that you wrote showing up even after you erased it.

Chalk Foot Board (3)

Perfect for countdowns (you can see exactly how long ago I made this…)

Chalk Foot Board (4)

Or for writing messages or a daily verse.

Chalk Foot Board

It didn’t sell at the garage sale (in fact it’s still in my friend’s garage—sorry Janae!). So I will probably find a place to use it in our house until it can find another home.

footboard Collage



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