And Sew It Begins

I have started sewing a little. I COULD NOT be doing what I’m doing without the help of my ah-mazing mother-in-law, support from my super duper husband and mama, and fb comments from many. Granted, what I’m “doing” is not ah-mazing or super duper. In fact, NO ONE is allowed to inspect any seams or lines or anything, because I can promise you, they are NOT straight. But, the point is that I am sewing on my sewing machine. Something that at many, many times I did not think would ever happen.

pillow cover

(Grey and yellow pillow slipcover made by me. Blue pillow made by Target.)

Please, do not expect any sewing tutorials from me. Ever. Evereverevereverever. (Unless over the course of several years I actually learn to sew “well”. Even then, don’t hold your breath.) But I am so glad that I am finally able to start doing some of the very simple sewing projects that I have been wanting to accomplish for a long time and they look good (from far away and in dark corners). 😉

curtain (2)

(Pay no attention to the painter’s tape around the door.
We are repainting all of our trim.)

Thanks for anyone that ever believed in me. Or admitted that sewing machines are beasts that need to be tamed and that it takes time and mucho mucho patience. (Something I am not very good at when it comes to making things.) Thankfully, I am not a perfectionist, so I am okay with having curtains whose seams go up and down and no, they’re not zigzag. And NO you cannot check them.

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