Ellery 50 Weeks Old

Ellery was ALL OVER the chair this week for her weekly pic. These were the least blurry pictures. And then I had to just give up and put the camera down or she was going to literally hurl herself to the floor.

 50 week Collage

50 Weeks Old

Okay, cute story: Ellery had just eaten her lunch which usually means that naptime will follow shortly. She was not acting tired and was really content playing by herself with her magnets on the fridge so I figured I’d let her stay up a little bit longer until she let me know she was tired. She pulled off the hand towel from the fridge and was playing with it, but then laid it on the floor and laid herself down on top of it. Talk about letting me know! She made herself a little bed on the kitchen floor. Needless to say, I then took her into her room, gave her a blanket to cuddle instead of the towel, and she went right down for her nap. Adorable.

In other news she is still staying quite mobile without trying to stand or walk by herself much. She has learned to pick up her foot when she needs to step over something. Sometimes she will be holding on to something, lift up her leg and stretch it out like a ballerina. Yup, our kid’s got talent.

She seems to have mostly mastered using a straw. Her grandpa let her try when we were out to eat a while ago and even dropped some water with the straw into her mouth. First she tried blowing out which of course just made bubbles in the water and made us all laugh. But, then she caught on quickly and has enjoyed doing it ever since. We even have a sippy cup that has a straw and she does really well with that, too. She still really enjoys drinking from cups with no lid and still gets about half of the water on herself.

She is still working on those teeth, but seem to be in a better mood now. She uses “hi”, “mama”, and “dada” very effectively, and knows to make little grunting noises if she wants us to do something. She consistently makes the same noise when we ask her what a dog says, although it’s not quite a “woof” we’re pretty sure it’s her version. She has figured out how to make some noise with a harmonica by blowing lots of air and drool into it.  There was one night where she got scared by some things: loud noises and things moving unexpectedly, but we don’t know if maybe that was just because she was tired. She normally does not spook easily so we’ll see if that was a fluke or if she is starting a new stage.

We are treasuring these last few weeks that we have daddy home
before school starts.


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