Ellery 49 Weeks Old

We are closing in on a year folks.. It took multiple stuffed toys and daddy’s help to distract her enough to sit still.

49 week Collage

49 weeks old

Well, poor girl has been teething all week. She ate a lot less solids, wanted a bottle a lot more, and complained a lot when eating. Her sleeping has been a little off with short naps, early mornings, and getting cranky way before bedtime. She needs to take longer naps in order to make it to 8:00. So then she really needs to take a 3rd short nap in the evening, but she refuses. I have tried laying her down and at least letting her get some rest time. Sometimes she will lie down or play with her stuffed animals for ten minutes or so. Last night we tried taking her for a drive to let her fall asleep for a little while. She didn’t fall asleep until we pulled into the driveway at 6:40 pm. So I did a little work outside so she could sleep for a little while. She was out. So I carried her inside, sat with her, changed her diaper..she was still out. She would open her eyes or raise her head, but it was like she was too exhausted to stay awake. So we just laid her down and expected her to wake up in an hour or so. She slept the whole night! So hopefully she “caught up” on some sleep. She is getting at least one more tooth on top, which would make 3 on top and 5 total.

She has also been chewing on her hands (and EVERYTHING) a lot. She has become much more affectionate with us—giving hugs and open mouth kisses. Unfortunately, you have to be careful that the kiss doesn’t turn into a bite. Sometimes she just wants to kiss me or blow raspberries, other times she tries to bite through clothing. She knows that blowing raspberries on my arm or neck is funny and she will do it over and over again for a laugh. Mike even got her to blow a raspberry on my tummy. She LOVES being silly and laughing with us. Or just laughing at herself or Mika. She loves throwing herself around on the couch or bed and even tries standing or walking since she knows if she falls it will be a soft landing.

Ellery is becoming QUITE the climber. Not only can she scale the stairs with ease (when she chooses to, often she reaches out for us to just carry her), but she can climb us, stepladders, her highchair leg, and pretty much anything low enough that she can get some footing on it. She also loves to climb into things and sit in them. She likes sitting in laundry baskets. She tried climbing into our big cooking pot—that didn’t end well. She tries to sit on anything she can (laptops, high chair tray while on floor), but she doesn’t like it if it starts to tilt or move and complains that we need to save her. She loves when we put music on and she will bounce to dance. We discovered she loves Veggie Tales Silly Songs just like her cousin, Dexter. For a short time anyway. But it kept her distracted enough yesterday for me to cut her fingernails without a fight!

She is such a silly little girl. She is very ticklish and giggly when she is tired. Sometimes she will crawl around while sucking in the sides of her top lip. She likes to try to put thing on her head or take it off or our heads. She will play peek-a-boo with anything she can, even small toys that she puts in front of her face and then pulls them away. She does this super cute thing where she leans her arm on something and puts her ear all the way down to her shoulder. It is almost like a shy look or an intentionally cute look.  She jabbers all the time and maybe is starting to realized the meaning of the words she can say (like mama, dada, hi, bye). She also just likes to make sounds and noises all day. She makes a squeaky little noise that sounds like a monkey that we think might be her trying to imitate the dog. Mika will bark and then Ellery will squeak. We love our silly, little peanut.


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