Ellery 48 Weeks Old


48 week Collage

48 weeks and 11 months old

Our big girl is getting so clever and so good at getting herself around places. She is able to communicate what she wants fairly well now, either by grunting or yelling at us. She can get really loud and certainly tries to get her way by amping up the volume. She especially gets upset if she wants to eat what we’re eating. The other night I brought home pizza, put some fruit on her tray, and she started complaining before I had even opened the pizza box because she wanted some. Or if we take a cereal box out of the pantry she starts asking for us to share, before we’ve opened it or poured a bowl. She always wants to play with the cereal bowl and spoon and has even started to try to drink the drops of milk left in the bowl. She is actually quite good at lifting the bowl to her mouth and “drinking” from it.

She has been practicing drinking from a cup (with no lid) and does pretty well with that too. She holds it herself and takes sips, she just pours out a little too much water at a time. So we have to be willing to have the whole front of her soaked if we want to let her drink by herself. We have tried a variety of sippy cups again and she is able to get some liquid out, but she never tries for very long and mostly just plays with them. Who knows, maybe she will skip right to drinking from a cup. For a while now she has been able to drink her bottle while holding it with one hand so that she can turn her head.

Her legs are so strong and her movements are so controlled, but we think it still might be a little while before she walks. She just doesn’t trust herself enough. If we let go of her hands she immediately drops her bottom down. She is getting very talented at controlling falls so she doesn’t get hurt. She just sort of gracefully falls over most of the time. Mike did catch her the other day standing by herself for a moment when when she let go of her push walker and took a step. She loves to sit up and bounce on her knees. She has gotten very good at crawling over obstacles such as our legs or even the bottom of our dining room chairs. She frequently tries to crawl under Mika or hold on to Mika for support, as this usually ends with a bump and tears as the dog doesn’t really hold still for her. As much as she loves us, I do think that Mika is Ellery’s favorite “person”. She laughs at her all the time and tries to play with her by hitting her face so Mika will gently put her mouth on her. Mika will follow her sometimes and sniff her and lick her all over. They both seem pretty fond of each other.

Both of her front teeth have cut threw now and are getting bigger every day. It is making her look SO much older having those extra teeth. Her beautiful blonder hair is getting so long, too. I am still holding off on her first hair cut. I don’t want to until I have to. We can’t believe she’s just a month away from being one!

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