Ellery 46 Weeks and 47 Weeks


We are still recovering from travel and vacation so I am doubling up to catch up.

46 week Collage 

46 weeks old

She was exceptionally happy for these pictures,
I didn’t want to leave any of the smiles out.

Our little honey is getting so big and is developing so many toddler like character traits. Ever since she discovered splashing in the pool she has started to splash during bath times now. She used to sit so calmly and enjoy the water, but now she splashes and crawls around and pulls herself up on absolutely everything. She is actually quite fond of the bathroom and will crawl in there any time the door is left open. She has even realized how to push door open and closed, so we have to make sure it is LATCHED also or she makes her way in there. She is a smart little booger. She likes to open cabinet doors also (the ones that don’t have baby latches to keep her out) and enjoys opening up the cabinet in the living room and pulling out all of the pieces of all of the games she can.

I realized that for a while now she has been getting really good at helping while we get her dressed. She will bend her arms or legs to help get clothes on/off and will step out of clothes for us. This is super helpful. She still has been fighting diaper changes, however, which is very challenging. She likes to grab onto the side of the changing table and use it to flip herself around. Then she tries to pull up on the floating shelves on the wall or crawl on top of the CD player. When her meanie parents try to stop her, she can get quite upset. Fits are more common now when we take something away that she wants (dog food, glass cups, glasses) or when we are eating something that she wants. She gets upset if we are eating and she is not or if we are eating something different than her. Thankfully, she can eat just about anything now so she has had little bites of all sorts of deliciousness like bratwurst and ice cream sandwiches.

While we were at the beach she was definitely teething and her third tooth has popped through! It is the left tooth of her two front teeth.  She does fairly well while teething, she just is a little more ornery at times, struggles with sleeping a little more, and we can usually tell when it is hurting her. She will try to chew on a hard object (sometimes even just a puff) and she will cry because it hurts. She has been sticking her tongue out A TON and we think she is feeling this strange new addition to her mouth with her tongue. She even has been talking with her tongue out which makes for some fun noises. Or she has been mouthing sounds without making any noise. She will “say” something and when we “talk” back to her, she mouths the sounds along with you. The hubby told her acting rule #1 “Don’t mouth the other person’s lines.” We’re teaching her early. 😉

Sleep has still been a battle and we have gone back to a little “sleep training” when we know that she has had all of her other needs met and she just needs sleep. Each day/night has taken a little less time (except for the day she refused sleep altogether) and I anticipate being back in the routine soon.

She also just discovered that when she is sitting on the floor she can move her feet to turn a different direction. So, she moves her feet and turns around in circles. She is getting so adept at moving around. Her movements are so controlled and “grown-up looking”. She pulls up, walks around, gets down, crawls, and pulls up on something else. This has meant that she is a little less adventurous with moving from object to object since she knows she can get there by getting down easily with no danger of falling. She does still pull up against a wall and walk herself around with out much to hold to.

47 week Collage

47 weeks old

Well, the good news is we’re pretty sure Ellery has learned a new word and is consistently using it. The bad news is that we’re pretty sure it’s “no”. Any time Ellery is doing something she doesn’t want to (getting in the car seat sometimes, NOT eating dog food) she says “na na” over and over.

She is definitely working on her 4th tooth, the right front tooth, and is has been hurting her. On a good note, we have pretty much settled back into our normal routine and sleeping is going much better.

She has done a lot of sitting up on her knees when she is playing. She loves throwing herself around on us. She likes to dance by bouncing her legs and waving her arms wildly. When she gets excited she kicks and jumps as fast as her little legs will let her. In fact, she still loves jumping all the time, even on us. She has started to be able to use her push toy to walk around the house, but then will either get stuck or get distracted by the toys on it.

She is maybe starting to develop a little stranger danger. There have been a few instances where she has shied away from new people or clung to us. Which is absolutely fine, it’s just a new thing for her. This is actually somewhat of a relief, because I was afraid that if she kept up her undying love of strangers we might have some problems in the future.

She has been clapping all the time still. She crawls three steps, she stops and claps. You walk into the room, she claps. She sees Mika, she claps. She is a very enthusiastic little girl.

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