Ellery 43 and 44 weeks old

Let’s face it, summertime is busytime.
So, once again I am catching up with weekly pictures.

43 week Collage

43 weeks and ten months old

It is SO hard to take weekly pictures now. Just as soon as I set her down, she starts crawling toward the edge or trying to throw herself off the side of the chair. Even with the hubby’s help (as he is home for summer break) it is so hard. So, now my goal is to just try to get at least one picture that isn’t blurry and call it good.

Ellery has started giving high fives now, only when she wants to, of course. But it’s pretty fun to put your hand up and have her give you five. She has been singing (screaming?) a bit lately, especially at Mika. It is this high pitch, loud noise that she draws out. She still loves jumping (she goes crazy in her jumper now) and dancing. She really likes her baby einstein drum that lights up and makes music. In fact, she really likes drumming on just about anything.

We were able to try a some fun new things this week like story time at the Cedar Valley Arboretum and preschool swim at the local pool. I was surprised at how well Ellery sat for the storytime, she moved around a little, but was not as squirmy as usual and seemed to listen to most of the story. I think it helped that there were so many other kids around for her to look at. We spent a little time at the arboretum afterward making a craft and exploring a little. It was especially humid that day and somebody hadn’t napped all morning, so we headed home after a bit. Well somebody still didn’t want to nap, so we headed over to the pool. She was VERY unsure at first. She clung to me for her very life and pulled up her legs any time her toes touched the water. She finally started to warm to the idea when her friend, Natalie, came and loved the water. We hung out where it was shallow and the babes could stand and hold on to the side of the pool. Ellery loved having this control and soon was enjoying herself immensely. She again loved watched the kids and splashing and jumping up and down in the water.

I have been trying to let her (safely) explore as many new things as possible. I took an empty tissue box and filled it with small toys and objects that she was able to pull out. Ellery really enjoyed this. Then, I was making some button flowers (buttons stacked with floral wire to hold them together) and she was fascinated. I let her pull each one of the vase and she sat there with her mouth open for several minutes, just amazed on how she could play with them. On a different day I was trying to show her what noises some animals made with some of her puzzle pieces, but the first three animals I grabbed were a butterfly, a fish and and rabbit. Then as I was reading her a story I realized some of my voices for the animals sounded like Grover and a Kirsten Wiig character—but I just went with it.

There was one day last week where Ellery was playing with daddy upstairs until he started rubbing her back and she fell asleep on the carpet. She was so adorable, sleeping there on the floor. So, we decided to leave her and bring the camera for the video monitor upstairs so we could keep an eye on her and know when she woke up. Well, I checked the monitor a little while later and was confused at why the image on the screen was different and moving. Then I realized that she had woken up, crawled over to it, and was holding on to it and even chewing on it!


44 week Collage

44 weeks old

Ellery has been babbling so much lately. There are whole new sounds, syllables, and varieties of emphasis. She has been doing a lot of “z” or “th” noises. There is still a lot of “dada,” but tons of other babbles also. I really believe that she says “hi” and understands the place for it. She will say “hi” back to us or to the dog. She is stringing all these noises together and really making it sound like she is talking in her own little language.

We took an 11 hour road trip to Oklahoma this week to see family and help them repair their roof after the recent tornadoes down there. All in all, Ellery did super well. There was so much newness and variation in schedule and over stimulation. We left at her bedtime so that she could sleep for most if not all of the way there. That mostly worked. Thankfully for this trip I was able to sit in back with her, so when she did wake up a few times I was right there to try and comfort her. It was a little tricky, but once she fell asleep again she was out for the rest of the trip.

She LOVED seeing and spending time with her cousins and other family. She did great with naps in the pack’n’play, but bedtime was a battle every single night. Not that I blame her, I know it must be hard to fall asleep in a strange place (we stayed in a hotel) and know that your parents are close but want you to sleep instead of having fun together. She especially struggled if she fell asleep somewhere else (their house, the car seat) and then we tried to transition to the pack’n’play to sleep. So, we tried lots of different ways to get her to fall asleep in the most ideal place and time. We’re hoping we learned enough about all this to make next week’s vacation go a little smoother at bedtime.

I think everyone was able to experience her “trick” of blowing raspberries in the face of anyone that goes in for kisses. It was reinforced even more since she got such a reaction out of everyone. I can’t help but laugh every time she does it. She even did it to some of her kiddo cousins. I love seeing her with her older cousins. Bella (5) especially loved touching her and interacting with her. Ellery even took a couple baths with them. She was fascinated to watch and listen to all of their antics. She was very patient with all of the holding, passing around, and poking she endured.

She also loved being able to explore a new place and spent a lot of her time pulling herself up on couches, chairs, and tables and moving all around. She is getting so strong and so bold. Hopefully some of the next steps for her are standing unsupported and well, steps. We are not rushing this stage, she can already get into so much, but we are excited as she keeps growing and challenging herself.

She was able to try so many new foods and has been wanting to hold her own food for almost every meal. In fact, it’s not enough anymore to cut up a banana and let her grab the pieces and feed herself. Oh no, now she has to hold the WHOLE banana and bite off chunks. Thankfully she is certainly ready for this step. She does really well at getting off pieces and chewing them up. She had now done this with bananas, bread, buns, bagels, biscuits, and probably other things that don’t start with “b”, too. She also had blueberries. 🙂

We left for home at her bedtime again so she could sleep for the majority of the trip. She was able to fall asleep much better this time and stayed asleep the whole time (even though it was a fitful sleep). She woke up early when we were still an hour or so away, but handled being stuck in the car seat well. When we got home she only stayed up for a little while and then crashed. I could tell that she was tired from the trip and relieved to be back in her bed because she took a 3 hour nap! This was a HUGE blessing because then mommy and daddy were able to catch up on some sleep too. In fact, Ellery and daddy are back to sleeping again right now (going on 2 hours). SO glad that they are getting their much needed rest. We will be home for only a few days and then it is back on the road for our week long beach vacation with my family in North Carolina. We have been SO looking forward to this!


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