Ellery 41 and 42 Weeks Old

Missing a little Ellery in your life? Here she is times two. 🙂

 41 week Collage

41 Weeks Old

This week marks Ellery being on the outside (of my womb) as long as she was on the inside. Crazy! It’s hard to believe that I was pregnant for as long as we have had her in our arms. Even harder to believe is that this cheerful, mischievous, always-moving girl is the same little person that was moving and kicking around in me, and was SO TINY when she was born. It’s truly amazing how much she has grown.

A lot has happened these past couple weeks. Ellery learned how to pull herself up on her crib. I laid her down for a  nap one day and when I stopped hearing her fuss I figured she had fallen asleep. Nope. Next thing I heard was happy little gurgles as she walked herself along the sides of her crib. I have been anticipating this for a while now, but what I was not anticipating was the huge effect this would have on her sleeping habits. For the next several days when we would lay her down for a nap she would cry and pull herself up and protest very loudly that she wanted to be rescued. If we went in to help her lay back down it only made her more upset, but just leaving her to settle herself wasn’t an option either because we knew she couldn’t get down by herself. All of a sudden she just didn’t want to sleep AT ALL anymore. There was one day (my birthday, but who’s keeping track) that we tried for over 3 hours to get her take a much-needed nap and no matter what we tried (crib, swing, rocking, laying with her, stroller ride) she refused to sleep.

We (fingers crossed) have worked through this a little now by adding a few extra minutes of cuddle time before laying her down to make sure she is good and drowsy. Ordinarily she prefers to just lay down and would push away from us rather than cuddle, but lately she has laid her head down on my shoulder and been content with rocking or walking together. We accept this without ANY complaints, of course. She still pulls herself every time she wakes up and really enjoys making her way around her entire crib.

She has started to really enjoy jumping either in her saucer, jumper, or just standing and bouncing those little legs. She kind of dances a little bit, sometimes even to music.

42 week Collage

42 weeks old

Sorry for the dark pictures..it was a dark, dreary day.

Well, Ellery is officially crawling now! It started out with her army crawling around and pushing up to her hands and knees every once in a while. Then she would crawl ever so slowly for a few “steps” and then drop her knees to the floor again and army crawl. But now she is staying up on her hands and knees and gaining speed! She can get herself up to a sitting position from crawling also. When you combine this and her ever increasing ability to pull herself up on things and switch from object to object, she can get just about anywhere now. She is much more stable when standing up holding on to things and will often let go with one hand to either pick something up with the other hand or grab something else to hang on to. She can even bend all the way down to the floor while still holding on to the coffee table. This assures me that she CAN either sit down from standing by herself or that she’s really close to that.

We seem to have figured out her new sleeping habits a little better. She likes to cuddle in the rocker (most of the time) and then as soon as she lays down she gets her pacifier and her stuffed elephant. She LOVES Ollie the elephant and wraps her whole body around him. She wants her pacifier a lot less recently though, which I’m not necessarily going to complain about. After getting over her cold recently she didn’t have as much desire for it. Only when she’s in her crib and even then, only sometimes. Most days she takes 2 naps, but if they’re short we still have to sneak in an evening one. She has been waking up very early in the morning now ready to go—6:00 or earlier. We thought maybe it was because the sun was rising earlier and put light-blocking curtains in her room which makes it twice as dark. Unfortunately…no change. I’m very thankful that the hubby is on summer break and can help with the early mornings now though. Taking turns is a wonderful thing (as is being married to a teacher).

Ellery is such a smart little girl and is developing more personality and opinions every day. She will do things to get reactions out of us and has started repeating things if we laugh at them. Sometimes when we will go in for kisses she will blow raspberries right in our face. And then do it again and again, as many times as we react. She is definitely at a stage where she can understand much more than she can communicate and oftentimes defaults to yelling at us until we can try to figure out exactly what it is she wants. We have continued trying some sign language with her are hoping she starting doing some signs back soon. She has even started throwing some fits: arching her back, yelling, and/or kicking her feet when she doesn’t get her way. Oh boy, toddler-dom here we come.

Overall though, she is such a happy, people-loving, funny little girl. Sometimes (especially when she is playing with or figuring out something new) she will kind of chuckle to herself. She has never-ending love for her puppy. Sometimes she will close to Mika on the floor while Mika is chewing on her bone and Ellery will slip her hand in and take the bone away from her. Mika is really patient and gentle and finds her moment to take the bone back and move over a little. She has become excellent at holding her own bottles and has even learned that she needs to tip them upward to get more liquid. She loves to wave to people now, sometimes will give high-five’s and even enjoys smacking our faces repeatedly on occasion.

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