Ellery 40 Weeks

40 week Collage

40 weeks old

Our poor little peanut has a cold right now. I think all the ups and downs with the weather are getting to her. She has a perpetually runny nose and these little coughs that rack her body. If she’s awake she will cough and then cry because it hurts, if she’s asleep she will cough and then let out a little moan. It’s so hard to see/hear and even harder not to be able to really do much to help, but we’re hoping it passes soon.

Other than that she has been doing really well. I think we’ve mostly figured out her new schedule—it still varies from day to day, but we’ve got the pattern down anyway. I have never been able to set a consistent time for naptimes because she wakes up at a different time just about every morning. She has also been waking up pretty early (6-ish), but she has been mostly sleeping through the night so I think it’s a fair trade. Mostly we are down to 2 naps a day, but if they aren’t good naps then she needs a little cat nap in the evening so she can make it to bedtime.

She definitely can stay awake for longer now though, which pushes me to find more ways to entertain her. It is difficult to find new or creative things to do with her that are age appropriate. She LOVES being outside and playing in her swing or just sitting on the grass, but we have had SO MUCH rain lately that that’s not an option right now. She is okay with bubbles, but they don’t really entertain her much. We tried some homemade edible finger paint which was a fun experience, but a lot of work for her to just dump it out everywhere. What can we do that is safe for a 9 month old? Any suggestions??

She sleeps on her tummy most of the time now (rolls herself over), but she also really loves being close to the side of the crib. She has her feet up on the slats of her crib and sometimes will even hold on to it. Last night I rescued her (she was still sleeping) because she had both legs through one slat and was practically folded in half. She likes to curl up in the upper left corner of crib. Such a silly girl.

She tried some veggies this week and did better with them than I expected. She tried green beans (mashed up) and ate several bites at each serving before deciding she was going to close her mouth until you gave her something she liked better. She also tried some peas that I just poured on her tray and let her pick up. She ate some, and then again decided she’s rather be eating something else. She has been wanting to feed herself more and more. She will try to grab the spoon and then will immediately grab the food on the spoon to put it to her mouth. The other day she refused to let me feed her, so I ended up putting the oatmeal on her tray and letting her go to town. What a mess! But she was happy as a clam squishing her hands in it and feeding herself. Mika is also very happy with Ellery’s attempts at self-feeding as more and more food ends up on the floor. Thankfully Mika is not turned of by mushy half eaten bananas or gobs of oatmeal. Ellery even fed herself some avocado the other day and you could tell she felt quite proud of herself.

She likes to wave a lot now, but usually will do it more to get people’s attention and then as soon as they look at her she just stares at them. She still has never met a stranger and will go to anyone with a smile. She loves to wave at Mika all throughout the day. Ellery LOVES her puppy so much. She laughs at her when she is panting or chasing a ball. She chases her around in her walker. She army crawls over to her on the floor to try to steal her bone. She grabs onto her while standing and buries her face in her fur. She loves her dog.

She is babbling a lot these days with mostly da-da’s, but also ba-ba’s, ma-ma’s and lot of other sounds and noises. She still uses da-da when she’s angry a lot and it is pretty amusing. She will give me kisses on my chin, cheek, neck and shoulder and sometimes will even blow raspberries on me. She loves bath time so much still and just might turn into a fish. (Daddy got us a baby swimming pool so that might be a fun option when it warms up/dries off again too).

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