Ellery 39 Weeks

Oh boy! She is mobile!

39 week Collage

39 weeks and 9 months old

Ellery has always been a mover, but now she can actually get places. She has started army crawling all around the floor. She sees something she wants and pulls herself along to get to it. She will sometimes do the “inchworm” where she gets up on her hands and knees, lays on her belly, and repeats to get places. She can rotate 360 degrees on her tummy so she can easily change direction. And a few times she has even done a full fledged CRAWL! We are so proud, but know that we are in trouble now that she can SEE something and GO to it. Nothing is safe.

She still loves walking on the side of the coffee table and practicing moving from object to object. She will even walk backwards in her walker which is really fun to watch. She will back up slowly and then run forward. She wants to be standing (supported and/or carefully watched) all day long. Which means anytime I try to eat, clean, or do ANYthing else, she can get very disgruntled.

She has been waving a lot more lately and usually in the right context so I’m pretty sure she understands. She uses her whole arm of course, but is very generous with who she waves to. Sometimes me, sometimes daddy, sometimes strangers we pass on walks, etc. She has loved that we have been outside a lot more lately. She loves swinging. She loves sitting in the grass and trying to eat dandelions. She loves going for walks and trying to hold on to Mika’s leash if it comes close enough to the stroller.

She says “dada” ALL the time now and not just when she’s mad. It’s her new favorite syllable to repeat. Or sometimes she just sticks with one “da”. She has been trying to nod her head up down, but mostly it just looks like she’s head banging or something. She is getting really good at holding her own bottle whether it has milk or juice in it. Sometimes she wants to sit up in your lap and drink it so that she can see out.

We had her 9 month dr. appointment on Tuesday and it went really well. She made up the shots we missed at her 6 month and she really only cried while they were doing it. As soon as I picked her up she was okay. When we got home was another story. She was a little extra cranky and sleepy so I let her lie down for an extra nap. When we got her up she was burning up with a fever. It stayed around 102 for the rest of that night and into the next morning a little. Poor little dear was miserable and would not let me put her down or move my face from next to hers. She was very fitful in her sleep, but by the next afternoon she was pretty much back to 100%. This is the first reaction she’s really had from vaccinations so far. I’m glad that even though she was not feeling well for a night, that that’s all it was.

She is 18 lbs. 2 oz (50% percentile), 28 inches long (63%), and her head circumference is 17 3/4 inches (82%—what a growing brain she has!). She has only gained about 2 pounds in the past 3 months, but grew 1 1/2 inches so I think she is thinning out a little. She is actually wearing the size clothing that she is and that seems to rarely happen.



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