Ellery 37 and 38 Weeks



Playing catch-up again..

37 week Collage

37 weeks old special

37 weeks old

Sometimes I can’t get over how much of a people-person Ellery is. She LOVES people. She can be grumpy and fussy, but if someone shows up to our house she is all smiles. If a stranger comes up to her and gives her attention, she will give them big smiles and put out her arms to go to them. And if she is NOT getting the attention she wants from people, she will make herself heard so that she does. Of course, she also has a soft spot for some special people in her life. Mommy and Daddy are favorites (most of the time), both Grandmas elicit pure joy, and we have several other friends and family members that she gets excited every time she sees. I will say she seems to especially like older people and guys with beards. But, don’t worry, if you’re a person, she probably loves you. This of course is very helpful in many ways and makes it almost pain-free to let others watch her. We will just have to work on “stranger danger” when she’s a little older.

Another of her little quirks is that she seems to like things that make loud noises like the vacuum cleaner or hair dryer. She never gets scared and seems to actually enjoy the sound. She will chase after the vacuum in her walker and try to grab it and she LOVES getting air in her face from the hair dryer (on the lowest, coolest setting don’t you worry). Funny, funny girl.

She has started banging the back of her head on things (which is normal? I heard that it was in a baby progress email, but it’s weird). When she is in her walker, saucer, high chair, or our arms she will throw her head back and bang it repeatedly on whatever is behind her. Sometimes she will hit it quite hard and then sit up not exactly pleased. To which I tell her NOT to bang her head.

She is still standing all the time and loves to practice moving from object to object. She will walk along the side of the coffee table, lean and reach out her hands to a nearby chair, grab it with her hands and then walk her feet closer, and then turn around and repeat the whole process over and over. She also does this with us—hold on to Mom/Dad, go to the chair, back to Mom/Dad and repeat, repeat, repeat. The trouble is that she seems so sure footed, but the one time you take your arms away or blink, she falls.

We have added a few new foods to her growing list including butternut squash, yogurt, and bread. Oh, and I have started giving her watered down apple juice which she LOVES. We gave up on the sippy cup for a little while and have just been sticking to bottles for juice and water (and milk) because it works and then she gets what she needs. After having tried a plethora of different types of cups, I figured we’ll just take a break and come back to it. She can hold the bottle by herself, so that’s a start.

38 week Collage

38 weeks old

So, never underestimate the sheer delight of dressing your daughter like a princess. I mean, come on, she could do just about anything in a tutu and make it look cute. (I said “just about,” don’t get technical on me). Plus it gave her something to hold onto so she was able to sit still for about 3.2 seconds longer this week.

We had an EVENTFUL week last week. Ellery and I drove 5 hours 6 1/2 hours to meet up with my mom in a hotel for the weekend and it was WONDERFUL. The drive down was terrible patience-building and the nights were a bit tricky in the hotel, but we had SUCH a great time with Grandma. Overall, she did super great for being in a strange place for several days, being constantly stimulated, being in out of the car all the time, and being without her Daddy and doggy.

She had a few firsts while we were there like being in a pool for the first time. At first she was very unsure and looked like maybe she would complain for a while, but she never fussed and it didn’t take her long to get used to the water. She loves baths so I figured this wouldn’t be a huge stretch from that. The first day in the pool she was very relaxed and would set her head on Grandma’s shoulder, let the rest of her body go limp and float, and just slowly move around and relax around the pool. It was very sweet, especially for a girl who hardly ever stays still. The next day she became a bit more adventurous and learned to splash. She also went to a zoo for the very first time and seemed to really enjoy it. We would hold her up so she could see the animals and she would focus in and stare and get excited. After all of the animal fun she was exhausted so she fell asleep on a stroller ride and we walked along the boardwalk by Lake Michigan. It was a beautiful weekend full of sweet memories and good times. We miss Grandma already though!

When she got home she seemed to want to make up for lost time and start developing new habits. She started angrily babbling a little when she cries sometimes and she said “Dada!” So far it has only been while she’s upset (apparently she knows what/who she wants), but now that she knows how I’m sure she’ll start babbling it happily soon. She also has started pushing up on her hands and knees and even attempting forward movement. Last week I would have said she was way closer to walking than crawling, but now she is making strides in the crawling direction. She also has started trying to climb a little (especially when we are holding her) and even get herself out of the chair during our pictures this week. She got on her tummy, threw her legs of the side of the chair, and slowly slid down till her feet hit the floor. Intentional? Probably not. Skillful? Absolutely.

One of my favorite things right now is what she does when she is excited. She will pump both arms and legs vigorously and even pant a little. She has started doing this every day when Daddy gets home AND has even started preferring him sometimes. I don’t mind sharing and I think seeing my little girl love on her Daddy is just about the best thing ever. Mostly she will be in his arms, start to go to me, but then decide that she still wants Daddy.

Wow..that was long. If you read all that you probably deserve a sticker.

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