Ellery 36 Weeks

It is SO hard to get a picture of this little girl where she is not moving, looking away, trying to eat the camera, trying to eat the camera strap, or trying to escape!!

36 week Collage

I can’t believe how big/old this little girl is getting! It seems like she develops a new talent at the beginning of the week and has it perfected by the end of the week. She is just growing by leaps and bounds! Daddy started working with her on picking up food and feeding herself. She started with puffs (she LOVES those things), moved on to small pieces of banana, and now she can pick both up by herself, get them in her mouth, and chew them! (I love the little accomplishments that parents celebrate..hehe.) She really enjoys feeding herself, but also still does really well with us feeding her. She has tried a few new foods (mango, butternut squash) with great success. And man, this girl can eat a whole lot!

I know we’re pretty partial, but Ellery has to be the cutest little girl in the world. She has starting breathing in out and quickly through her nose and kicking and waving her arms when she is excited. She also crinkles her nose when she smiles sometimes which is adorable. She gets really excited when we come in to get her out of her crib and she will look up smile, put her head down, and repeat over and over. She has been chewing on her tongue a lot, especially on the right side, and we keep expecting to see some more teeth. Nothing so far, but it has to be soon!

Lest you think it is all smiles and giggles, I will let you know that this past week has been a difficult one. I think she is trying to extend her wake times and minimize napping, but we have had a hard go of it. At first I would lay her down for her morning nap and she would just cry and cry and get herself so worked up which is very unusual for her. Usually when she is tired she wants to be laid down and she goes right to sleep. So, I have kept her up for longer times, but it is so inconsistent still. Some days she still gets tired around the 2 hour mark, other days she can stay up for 3 or 4 hours. She also started waking more frequently during the night again which made for a very tired mama. We are working through it and I’m hoping we will both get the hang of her new schedule soon.

She also has continued to be super clingy to me. I had to just stop expecting to get anything done around the house during the day between her needing me by her side constantly and the lack of naps. She still is SUCH a people person though, so I don’t think it’s “stranger danger” or “separation anxiety” completely. Maybe she just really thinks I’m fun to be around. Although, I can’t say I would argue with her. 😉 I try to do some fun things with her even though she’s still so little. We have some neighborhood ducks (their names are Fred and Myrtle) that hang out in backyards and the nearby golf course. Well, we came home the other day and they were down the road a little ways from our house. I quick went inside to grab a piece of bread and tiptoed up to the ducks with Ellery. They let us get really close and gobbled up all the little pieces of bread “we” threw for them. Ellery was fascinated. She just stayed really still and quiet and watched the little critters. I guess I am pretty fun. 🙂


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