Ellery 34 Weeks and 35 Weeks

Double feature today.

34 week Collage

34 weeks old

It’s getting increasingly difficult to take pictures now without her moving all over the place. She leans forward, grabs the side of the chair, tries to escape, etc. It’s quite the challenge to take pictures AND make sure she stays safe. She is (and always has been) SUCH a wiggle worm. Most of the time when we are holding her she will turn her body around to face out, then back to face you, and repeat over and over. I think she really enjoys being able to try things and throw her body around with the security of knowing we will catch her.

Ellery is becoming quite the little eater! We are up to 3 solid meals a day. We tried peaches this week and they were an instant hit! She is slowly getting the hang of sippy cups, and really loves eating little puffs. For the most part she just grabs a bunch and holds them in her clenched fists for a while. But she is working on picking them up between two fingers and eating them herself! She is also getting pretty good at knocking them on the floor, which Mika very much approves of.

We worked on some sleep habits this week, or more specifically lack of sleep habits. We tried a little bit of sleep training which was super difficult the first night, but has really helped her in sleeping for longer periods of time at night since then. (Last night was really rough too, but we’re working on it.)

35 week Collage

35 weeks and 8 months old

She is getting really good at getting down to her belly from sitting up. She looks so controlled sometimes that I just expect her to keep going and start crawling. She is starting to get the leg movements down for crawling, but still isn’t really getting up on her knees. She just has such a strong drive and desire to go that I know it can’t be too far in the future. We even tried letting her hold on to a toy with wheels and walk herself around and she is pretty good at it! She gets going pretty well and mostly keeps up with it. She does a great job at taking steps at least. The hubby and I will sit on the floor across from each other and walk her back and forth between  us (which she really enjoys). Usually she holds on to our hands as she goes, but she has taken two steps on her own so far! I continue to be amazed at how well she does in her walker. Not only has she become excellent at maneuvering it, but she is so smart! If she gets stuck somewhere she will back up, turn slightly, and try again. She enjoys ramming into things and exploring every room she can get to.

She is starting to become a little more clingy. During the day she wants me to be by her side as much as possible, even if she’s playing by herself, she just wants me there. This is super flattering, but makes it harder to get things done obviously. She hasn’t really had any “stranger danger” and has even started getting really excited to see other people she knows well besides just us. She really does love people.

I can’t believe that not only is she 8 months old, but she is already fitting into some 12 month clothes! Eek! I’m hoping she doesn’t start outgrowing her summer stuff before it gets warm. 9 month pants are still a bit long on her, but she fits pretty snugly in everything else.

She just has such a fun little personality that gets bigger every day. She is ticklish, but is suuper ticklish when she’s tired. She has started gnawing on the coffee table which caused me to put a teething cloth on her crib (just cut some fleece and tied it to the side of the crib) because it won’t be long before she’s pulling herself up there and chewing away. She has a mischievous little smile and loves playing games. She loves music especially “The Wheels on the Bus”.  She loves being outside even for just the little moments we have done that recently. It has just been so cold and rainy still that we are cooped up most of the time. She loves watching Mika run around and chase balls.


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