Ellery 33 Weeks

Static electricity, anyone?

33 week Collage

33 weeks old

We had a very exciting week last week. I’m calling it—she said her first word! “Mama”!! She first said just ‘mama’ (twice) and now she babbles mamamamamama. There is a little bit of “baba” in there, too, but I’m still claiming it. It is written down in the baby book. It is official. Ellery said her first word and it was “mama”. Made my heart so happy.

She wants to stand all-the-time and has been practicing holding on to the coffee table and side stepping her way along side of it. She will also turn, grab on to us, and then grab back on to the table. She just wants to walk so badly. She will hold on to our hands and take a few steps around the room. Sometimes we will have in her “walk” in between us to go from parent to parent and she will take a few steps on her own (right before she starts to fall). She is so strong and so determined to get around and get into whatever she wants.

It will be interesting to see if she does walk before she crawls since she seem so interested in it. I have noticed some times in her crib where she will tuck her knees underneath her and maybe push up a little bit. She does seem to have the desire to crawl also, mostly I think she just wants to GO. We will all be in trouble (especially the dog..hehe).

We added oatmeal to the list of foods she likes and MAN, that girl can pack it away when she wants to. We have been regularly doing two solid meals a day now and sometimes even three. Applesauce still seems to be her favorite and is a good base for trying other foods. She is now in size 3 diapers (which has been a necessary change for a little while now) and suffice it to say, she fills then up.

She has been giving lots of hugs lately and seems to want to be near me/touching me a little more often. She still has a great love for people though (no stranger danger yet) and reaches out for people, flirts with strangers, and is content to be passed around. We have been doing a few meals on the go and I have tried to set her down in front of me to feed her, but she just bends over and reaches out for me.

Even if it makes certain things a little more difficult from time to time, I love that she is really starting to form her own opinions/emotions and make them known. She has started kicking her feet when she is mad which of course makes it super easy to change her or whatever we are trying to do. Mostly though, she only cries if she needs something or is tired, and is such a happy girl. I have seen such a change recently from baby to more toddler like characteristics. She is wearing 9 month and even some 12 month clothes, even though she is only (almost) 8 months.

She is growing up. So fast.


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