Grateful Fridays 1

One of my favorite blogs that I follow (Finding Joy) does this thing every Friday called Friday Favorite Things where she goes through all the things she is thankful for from the previous week. I love that, and I think it is an easy way to be intentionally grateful—which is something I really want to do more of in my life. I also want to start writing more and not always having to post about projects. Or really having more posts than just weekly pictures since that’s mostly all I’ve posted for a  while. So, it might lean toward being a bit more personal, but I’m okay with that if you are.
(Actually, I’m okay with it even if you aren’t, but I really hope you are.)

So, today starts my first Grateful Friday.

I am thankful for days of no school.

Snow days and vacation days were very exciting when I was in school. Now they are even better because it means daddy gets to stay home with us. Not only do I appreciate the help and change of pace, but I love spending time with my sweetheart.

I am thankful for family that isn’t family.

Both my and the mister’s families were far away for Easter this year, and so we were planning on spending the day with just our little family (which would have been okay too!). A dear family from our church heard about this and invited us over to have Easter dinner with them. Not only was the food delicious, but we felt loved and right at home. It was really special.

I am thankful for snuggles.

I was just complaining remarking the other day how Ellery doesn’t fall asleep on me anymore and how I missed that. And then on Monday she was fussy and sleepy and she just cuddled into me with her head on my shoulder and drifted off. I loved it. I soaked it all in. I sat and rocked with my little sleeping girl (who is getting so big) and enjoyed the snuggles.

P.S. if you are a mom and you don’t read Finding Joy, you really should. It is super encouraging and practical.

friday favorite things | finding joy


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