Ellery 32 Weeks

Happy Spring!

32 week Collage

32 weeks old

Ellery just keeps getting stronger and able to do more and more things. This week she grabbed the coffee table while sitting on the floor and pulled herself up all by herself! This girl is going places. The rumor is (from the hubby) that she has been able to pull herself up by herself for a little while, but this is the first time I have seen her do it. She also can pull herself up to sit from leaning against something (like my leg) on the floor.

She still loves standing and loves getting around in her walker all day. She has become quite adept at backing up in it, turning around it, changing directions, etc. She especially loves chasing the dog around in it and has even tried sneaking up on Mika in it. Mika does NOT like getting run over, but does seem to enjoy “playing” with Ellery a little bit. She will try to walk behind her in it and lick her face until she gets bumped into again. I love seeing them interact. If Mika is near Ellery when she is sitting she will try to grab Mika with both hands and bury her face in her fur. Or grab her mouth, eyes, tail… Mika has been very long-suffering so far. She will let us know if she doesn’t want Ellery near/on top of her, but for the most part she does a really great job. She still struggles with a little bit of jealousy I think, or at the very least, wants to be a part of any family moments the three of us are having. Ellery loves her puppy dog and still smiles and laughs at her all the time. She will even make noises to try to get her attention sometimes (just like she does with us)!

We are still trying to find more foods that she likes. Applesauce is by far her favorite, but we had great success with avocado this week, too. We are also trying to introduce a sippy cup, but have had very little success. The first kind we tried was a cup that you had to bite down and suck to get water out. She will chew on the spout, but doesn’t really get anything out and I think it’s more of a toy for right now than anything else. We got some more traditional sippy cups and even took the plug out so that she could just pour it into her mouth. She got a little in her mouth..and A LOT down the front of her. haha. We’ll keep working on it.

She is rolling over more and more and I will often find her on her tummy at the end of a sleep. I still lay her down on her back/side though, because I’m not sure which she prefers and I figure if she wants to be on her tummy she’ll get herself there. Sometimes if she is lying down on the floor she will roll over and over to get to a toy. She is certainly more okay with being on her tummy now. She is getting better at holding herself up with her arms, but no getting on all fours yet.

She is such a happy girl with LOTS of smiles and laughs every day.


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