Ellery 31 Weeks


I would just like to note that I did not edit these pictures (except to make them a collage). Baby girl’s eyes are just that bright and beautiful blue!

31 week Collage

31 weeks old

Ellery is still becoming more and more aware of the world around her. I thought she had pretty much soaked it all in (in our house anyway), but now she has started tilting her head back and checking out the ceiling or reaching for the letters above her changing table on her alphabet wall. She will put her hands on ANY and EVERYthing that is within her reach, and if we let her she would eat all the paper in the house.

Her hair is getting so long and thick that it is starting to have a mind of it’s own and stick up in the back. She had some cradle cap a few weeks ago, but that came out really well with baby oil. Pretty soon we will be able to start putting clips in her hair and making short, sprouting pony tails.

She reaches toward people that she wants to go to and has started putting her arms up if she want to be picked up. SO CUTE. I love knowing that she wants me and seeing her express herself like that. I really look forward to when she express herself even more and let us know what she needs. She is now SO good at bending over while sitting to reach toys or raking them toward her. She passes toys from one hand to the other. She can pull her pacifier out of her mouth and put it back in (sometimes she even puts it back in the right way!).

She really enjoys eating solids whenever we give them to her, sometimes even twice a day now. Applesauce is by far her favorite. She tried peaches this week and didn’t hate them, we will have to try again soon. I’m hoping to introduce some more foods and find some more favorites.


One thought on “Ellery 31 Weeks

  1. Mike says:

    Not to mention that she can hold herself up against a table or other solid things AND she can grab your fingers and pull herself into a standing position. AND she’s started sitting forward from leaning back. Love you!

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