Gallery Wall Re-Do

Some people are creatures of habit, I am a creature of change. When I was in college I used to love to rearrange my dorm room with my roomie. I just love moving things around (or creating them) and having something be different. I think this desire for change has intensified since I starting staying home with Ellery.

I am constantly in the same environment doing much of the same things over and over (don’t get me wrong, I LOVE staying at home with my daughter, it is one of the biggest blessings of my life), so a change of scenery is appreciated.

So, in the past month I have completely rearranged the two bookcases in my living room (while making the bottom shelves kid-friendly) and redid the gallery wall in the dining room.

gallery wall Collage

I really wanted to bring in some of the yellow and aqua from the living room into the dining room. Especially since they flow into each other and the wall color is the same. And I wanted to incorporate more of our families and not just couple pictures of the hubby and I.

First things first, we took down all the frames, filled in all the holes, and touched up with paint. I figured it would be easier to just start from scratch than to try to line up the frames with the old holes.

gallery wall redo (16)

I also took down the vinyl saying I made, but I’m going to try to use it somewhere else. Stay tuned for that.

Then, I took a whole bunch of paper and made models of each frame and played around with layouts on the floor. That way you don’t have to put any unnecessary holes in the wall. I even included one for the vent.

gallery wall redo (15)

Next, I taped them to wall to visualize how it would all look.

gallery wall redo (19)

**DISCLAIMER**: I did this step WRONG. Some of my papers were the actual size of the frames they represented, but some of them were not. I figured, “Hey! I can guesstimate and it will all work out, right?” Wrong. Take the time to make all your papers the right size. It will save you lots of heartache later on, when you realize you’re halfway through putting pictures on the wall and you have no way to fit the rest of the pictures the way you want them too.

Case in point, half of the pictures on the wall and the rest don’t fit. Ahhh! Even after I tipped the canvas on it’s side which meant I couldn’t use the “Oh His Love Divine” canvas, and had to make it myself. (More on that later). Learn from my mistake, use proper measurements!

gallery wall redo (23)

Thankfully, we added took out a frame, added another, and the mister was able to arrange them all to fit symmetrically.

gallery wall redo (9)

I used most of the same large pictures since I don’t have many big sizes. I also kept the drawing/song I made for him for a birthday/anniversary and the original copy of the song that he wrote for me.

I spray painted a few of the frames and mattes to bring in the colors I wanted. Did you know you can just spray paint a matte?? That way you have the exact color you want and it’s super easy to change.

Oh, and the large black and white picture is of one of the mister’s relatives as a fireman. Pretty cool to see our last name on a fireman uniform.

gallery wall redo (7)

And there you have it! It makes me smile every time I pass by (or at least it did for a while, I might need to change something else up now…)

I’ll post how I made the canvas sometime soon.
Thanks for reading!


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