Ellery 29 and 30 Weeks Old

I got a little behind so I’m doubling up this time.

29 week Collage

29 weeks old

She is wearing the outfit that her Aunt Caitlin MADE for her! I had to make sure I got her in it because she is growing like a weed right now. I am having to switch out her clothes for bigger sizes again already.

Ellery was dedicated in our church last week (Sunday, March 3rd) and it was a super special day for us. She was able to share the stage (literally) with her best little friend, Natalie, and her family. We were very blessed by our families that came, especially those that came from great distances. It such an honor and an incredible responsibility to be in charge of a little person. We are accountable for what we teach her about life and God and everything, and I know a lot of what she will learn will be from our actions and not just our words.

She was able to meet her cousins (on her Daddy’s side, one more to meet this summer!) and she LOVED it. We arrived at “Gram and Pop’s” house and her three cousins were running around and being loud (being kids) and we thought it might take Ellery a little while to warm up. Nope, she joined right in and starting talking, yelling, and singing. She is such a little character! She loves people and loves kids, and so she loved watching them and being passed around to everyone.

She becomes more interactive every day. Lately she has started doing things to get a reaction. When my mom was here Ellery was sitting in her high chair and she banged her hands down on the tray. Well, when both of us gasped a little bit she started doing it over and over, with a smile on her face, as she realized we were responding to what she was doing. She is starting to chuckle a little more often in response to silly faces/noises and really enjoys being tickled. She still loves lying next to me and grabbing my face and hair. She will grab the hair on either side of my head, pull me in hard, and chew on my face.

She has also been giving kisses more and more, and especially loves to kiss (aka eat) our noses. This has become a little more treacherous with her two little teeth that are continuing to poke through. She will certainly chew on your finger if you let her and will bite down hard.

 30 week Collage

30 weeks old

Ellery has started having some opinions and is not afraid to share them. If there is a toy that she wants, she will let you know. If she would like your attention, she will make noise until you look at her.

She still seems pretty far from crawling (which is okay) and doesn’t spend much time on her tummy. She doesn’t mind it as much anymore, but that’s probably because she knows she can just roll herself over and get out of it. She still periodically rolls over on her tummy to sleep. She also has started enjoying back rubs. She gets real still (which is rare for her) and lies there while we rub her back. It’s actually pretty adorable.

One of her favorite pastimes is spending time in her walker and she has now started to actually walk instead of just scooting her feet. It’s actually more like running and Mika (the dog) has to work at keeping out of the way as she can get kind of speedy now. I have to be careful though because there are now a lot of things she can reach and she seems to delight in getting into things. Pulling papers off of the coffee table, trying to pull pans off of shelves, trying to grab my boots, anything that she can reach with her little fingers is now apparently fair game. Keeps me on my toes a bit. I think she will be a force to be reckoned with when she starts become independently mobile.


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