DIY Embellished Onesies

A little while back (let’s be honest here, it was months ago) I made some onesies. Some for gifts and some for Ellery.

Sidebar: I think it’s funny that “onesies” is not recognized by my computer as a word.


First, let’s start with the football ones.

This was a project originally intended for Halloween (the hubs and I would be football players/fans and Ellery would be our little football), but that never actually happened..

football onesie Collage

We took some plain white onesies (similar to the Plain White T’s, but younger) and dyed them brown with RIT dye according to the package directions. Once they were washed and dried I created a stencil on my Silhouette of one long vertical line and several short horizontal lines. I cut it out on some vinyl, painted it in with white fabric paint, and viola—little footballs!

Next, I saw this idea on pinterest and knew it would be easy and adorable.

onesie buttons Collage

I just sewed on four green buttons and one red button with yellow embroidery thread and sewed antennas with black embroidery thread.

Next, I embellished a few onesies with fabric paint.

**PLEASE ignore brown onesie that says “worth the wait”. It was a good idea that did NOT work out and the more I tried to fix it, the more damage I did. I tried to use some alphabet stamps to write the words, which worked at first, but then they started looking Halloween-ish. So then I dyed it brown with the other onesies. Didn’t help. So then I added some puffier fabric paint over the top of the letters. Slight improvement. So THEN I added some pink paint behind the words. Worse then ever. Then I gave up.**

onesie painted Collage

The pink paint was regular acrylic paint mixed with a fabric medium and the black was actual fabric paint which had a nice point (I used that for the small dots). I just dipped the end of a pencil into the paint and pressed down on the fabric. I added the heart at the end of the ‘necklace’. I just freehanded the “happy ❤ day!” onesie. I also added a fabric flower to one of the necklaces, but I gave that onesie away so I don’t have a close up picture of that one.

And there you have it! None of these were very difficult to make and it certainly makes it cheaper to buy white onesies and embellish, than to buy the already dolled up ones.

The 36th AVENUE


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