Ellery 28 Weeks

My little ballerina

28 week Collage

28 weeks old

First of all, can we talk about the funny face she has been making (bottom left corner) when she leans back and puts her head down completely hiding her neck. I don’t really understand it, but it’s so funny. She has also been really discovering her feet lately. She pulls them up to her mouth and nibbles on them, she crosses her ankles, she uses her feet like little monkey hands, she will even wrap her legs around my arm while I try to change her! We have been letting her use the walker at church and she has SO MUCH more room to scoot around. She basically takes laps around the church and enjoys it so much.

The BIG news this week is that she is teething! I knew something was bothering her because she would be happy and fine one minute and then the next she would clench her whole body and scream. Sure enough, she has two chompers coming in on the middle of her bottom gums. They have already poked their way through enough for me to feel them, so now we are waiting to see when they will finish cutting.

She has started imitating a little. She will go back and forth with me blowing raspberries. I think she likes feeling like she is communicating with us. She also really enjoys holding my face with both hands or pulling off my glasses and staring at me. We have spent a lot of time recently lying next to each other lately with her discovering every nook of my face. This, of course, also means that she has been pulling my hair a lot lately. That little girl has a real good grip and is an expert at yanking.

She has always enjoyed music, but has seemed to really love us singing lately. Especially daddy. She lights up when he starts belting out a tune.



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