Ellery 27 Weeks

SO SO SO glad to have my happy girl back!

27 week Collage

27 weeks old

Ellery is feeling SO much better this week. After getting the cold that turned into an ear infection that caused a yeast infection (due to the antibiotics she had to take), she has bounced back like a champ! It’s just such a relief to see her smiling and feeling good again. This is evidenced by how many pictures I had to take and how many things I had to use to try to distract her enough to sit still this week! I wouldn’t trade it for the world! We did have a little trouble with her taking medicine at one point, but then we just put it in bottle by itself and she sucked it down. I think she was tired of all the poking and prodding of nose sucking, syringe gulping, nose wiping, chin wiping, etc. I really thought she was teething too, since she was drooling so much, but I guess it was just that she had to breathe through her mouth, because there is no sign of teeth and she has stopped soaking her shirts with drool within 5 minutes of putting them on. For now.

Want to know her new tricks for this week? Of course you do. She has started folding her hands (like in the bottom right picture) which is adorable. She has also started doing this thing where she opens and closes her mouth repeatedly. We have been trying to figure out if she’s trying to imitate something we do or just figure out how to do something new with her mouth. A couple theories: she is trying to to make kissy faces, she is trying to say “mama” (it LOOKS just like it, just without sound), she is trying to be a fish). Who knows, but I love it. She also kind of pulls her head back to give herself a double chin while she does it and it is HILLARIOUS.

We put her in walker this week and honestly, it’s hard to get her out of it. haha. She LOVES standing and now she loves being able to stand and move herself around. She is not walking, per say, instead she uses pushes off with both feet and propels herself around. Unfortunately we don’t have a very open floor plan (at all!) so she can only go between two rooms from the front door to the back sliding doors. Mika does NOT like this new mobility as she has gotten run over or run into quite a few times already. Although, I believe that’s Mika’s fault for not getting out of the way. lol. We even tried it at church on Sunday with the nursery’s walker and she had whole hallways to propel herself down. We are not going to be able to stop her when she starts walking.

She has started talking and rolling around more again. If she is on the floor she will roll to her belly to her back to her belly, etc. She has rolled under the coffee table quite a few times now. She is getting much better at pushing up on her arms while on her tummy, but thankfully I think we still have a little ways before crawling. Still, I have been trying to baby proof the house here and there and get into good habits now so that we’re prepared for that day when it comes. I look around the house and am overwhelmed at all the possible things she can get into, though. I guess that will just be part of a new stage of life, cleaning up everything all the time.

Her sleep habits have improved since getting over being sick. Thank goodness. No more waking up at 4:00 a.m. screaming and not going down for hours. She still has been waking up once during the night, but I’ll take it. I have definitely been getting longer stretches and that has really helped in me getting better from being sick and getting through the days. Her naps, however, have been cray cray (aka crazy). She got up at 6:30 a.m. the other morning and would not go down for a nap until 11:00 a.m. What??? We tried to, and she screamed her disapproval for a long time. Or a couple days she hardly napped at all during the day and fell asleep at 6 p.m. and was down for the count! That’s 2 hours early, folks. Thankfully she needed that sleep and didn’t wake up two hours earlier in the morning. But I had just put her down for a cat nap and then she slept for hours. I’m hoping she’s just trying to tell us that she’s ready for longer wake times before napping and that if we keep her up a little longer, she will then nap better. (It has worked well so far today. Fingers crossed.)

I feel like that is SO much of parenting. Figuring out what to do/what she needs and as soon as you’ve got the hang of it, she shifts into a new stage. lol. Part of me is definitely looking forward to when she can talk and communicate what she wants/needs. Then we’ll just see if she can have it or not. We have started introducing a few signs (eat, more, all done) so hopefully that will help us down the road as well.

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