26 Weeks and 6 Months Old

So I think I have been dreading Ellery turning 6 months old for so long (the past month or so) that I actually feel ready for it now!

I had initially planned on doing my own little mini photo shoot for this momentous occasion, but the poor little peanut got sick and it was all I could manage to just get a weekly picture. She just looks so sad/miserable.

26 week Collage

Valentine’s Day was her half birthday, but it came with the news that she has an ear infection on top of her bad cold. Not exactly how I pictured it…

Before getting sick though she was doing a lot of things worth mentioning.

She is getting really good at the process of seeing something that she wants, reaching for it, and getting it. Now, that might not seem like a big deal, but I just see all these wheels turning in her head and she is realizing that she can control her hands and take charge of the world around her. This also means that nothing is safe: cell phones, dinner plates, papers, the dog, etc. She is even able to do this while sitting up by herself which shows lots of improved balance. That must be why she always tries to bend herself in half when she’s being held, she’s just practicing.

She really seems like she is getting more anxious to get up and go by herself. She continues to love her saucer and jumper where she can stand ‘by herself’ and move herself around. She is able to walk herself all the way around in her saucer and she can stand by herself! She will hold on to an ottoman and hold herself up. She will even let go, throw her arms out, and then grab back on without falling. That girl has such strong legs and a desire to do things for herself!

She is getting so much hair that I have actually had to start using a hairbrush to tame those little locks! We are slowly introducing more new foods, we tried carrots this week. Not a huge fan, but she was sick and not really into trying new things so we’ll try again for sure. (Plus I know it’s good to keep trying foods so that she can get a taste for them). Speaking of trying new things, she is quickly outgrowing her little baby bathtub, but I’m not sure if she is quite ready for the full on bathtub. So we tried giving her a bath in the sink. NOT a fan. I think she was intrigued by having that much of her body immersed in water, but that faded fast and then she was NOT having it.

I love that she is so interested in things around her now and it’s almost like I can watch her learn. We have spent a lot of time in the bathroom in the past week with the shower going to get some steamy air and Ellery loved just watching the water drip down. She would look at the top, follow it down, and then go back to the top.

She had her 6 month check up on Monday. Besides her cold, she is healthy and doing well. She is 16 lb. 4 oz and 26 1/2 inches long which means she is still around the 75th percentile but is higher (90th?) for height. Seems like she is going to be a tall one! We went back to the doctor on Thursday because she seemed to be getting worse and found out she had an ear infection.

So, she has been sick since last Saturday and we have had many a sleepless night and long days. I’m really hoping that now that we have some medicine, she will start feeling better and be better REAL soon.
Then we can get to that photo shoot. 😉

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